Gettin’ Caffeinated around Campus

This semester I've found myself with a very spread out class schedule that leaves me lounging on campus for a good portion of every day. Since I've officially hit my Robarts tolerance quota for the month and my luck at finding a seat in my fav campus eateries seems to have run out lately, I've been exploring some of the coffee shops that surround campus. These three cafes are all close to campus (two might technically be on campus) and I find them to be a great alternative to Starbucks or a library when I have some time to kill with only light work to do! Cafe in the Royal Conservatory of Music. Location: Bloor Street (entrance off of Philosophers walk is right beside the cafe)two people walk up steps towards a glass entranceway between two old buildingsThis cafe is a little hallway cafe inside the Royal Conservatory of Music. Not a lot of people seem to know about it (or maybe it was just me who had no clue) but it's actually a really cool space with a decent amount of seating and good snacks and drinks.a hallway with white tables and chairs on the left side against an old wall and a cafe counter on the right side against a new wall. in the background is a glass entranceway. the ceiling is made of slanted glass and brides between the outside of two buildings forming a hallway.  3 old pianos inside a glass case The Grind. Location: the mysterious underground shops between the Manulife Centre and the Bloor/Yonge subway.the inside of a small, narrow cafe are shown, against the walls are mismatched tables and plush chairs. on the walls are mirrors and pictures. This cafe is not the easiest to find but the grandma-chic vibe that it has going on totally makes it worth it. In the underground it's closer to Bloor-Yonge subway but you can access it through the Manulife Centre by walking towards the underground Holt Renfrew bit and taking a right turn when you see the Holt Renfrew cafe, then just keep going in an easterly direction past the section where the floor tiles change and you should (hopefully) find it despite my terrible directional advice. Drink of choice: Chai Latte tables and chairs sit in front of an old cabinet with glass doors. the walls have grames with mirrors and chalkboards in them. on top of the cabinet are frames and candles. old, mismatched chairs surround two tables inside a cafe. lots of frames and mirrors are on the walls. Another gem in this underground labyrinth is this pastry vending machine. I haven't had time to try it yet but I am definitely going back! It's on your way to the Grind if you are coming from the Manulife Centre. a vending machine with the word "Bakeryhaus" at the top. The inside is lit up and you can see donuts and macarons inside. To the left of the glass is a touch screen where you imput what you want. I think U of T should get one of these, or ten. a close up of the inside of the baked goods vending machine, three rows of donuts and macarons L'Espresso Bar Mercurio. Location: Bloor and St. George.the inside of a cafe with a small red car parked among the tables. In the back you can see the counter and the food fridge.This place is underneath a Woodsworth building which officially makes me jealous of everyone in Woodsworth. The tables, the car, the drinks, everything about this place makes me feel like i’m literally living inside an episode of Gossip Girl.a small black teapot and two small white teacups (one filled) sit on a brown wooden tray. Drink of choice: mint tea for two in a teapot that I absolutely need in my house. Someone please tell me where I can buy one. a small red car inside a cafe. the door of the car is open and inside are bags of coffee. In front of the open door are two white mannequins, one of which is proposing to the other with a red rose. the other is standing and wearing a boytie and hat. Now that you know my favourite coffee shops near campus let me know yours in the comments below or on twitter @Amie_UofT  

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  1. Great blog! This is the exact information we need at UofT for so many commuter students like us. I personally prefer the Second Cup at Woodsworth College. Great service, ample heating inside on a winter day and plenty of seating on and off during the day.

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