The Annual Back to School BBQ

"There's more to life than free food," said no one. "What is there to look forward in life other than free food?" I ask.
A close-up of a grill with burgers being cooked on it.
Objectively, the correct answer is "nothing."
Last Wednesday, I attended the annual Back to School BBQ for the second year in a row, and it was amazing (synonym: scrumptious). A joint event hosted by the UTSU, BSA, NSBE, ASA, and MSA outside the UTSU building -- the annual free BBQ is an excellent way of bringing together communities that are generally dispersed within the U of T campus. Whether we related on the basis of shared human experiences (or based on the fact that we chose 'U of T squirrel' as the animal that best captures our spirit), for those 2 hours, we were all back to school, holding our burgers, hot dogs, and smiles.
Students happily waiting in line for free hamburgers and hot dogs.
Students in their natural habitat.
The BBQ went seamlessly, and I could only wonder if Claire Huxtable planned it. (Just to be clear, that was a joke. The dedicated members of the groups listed above were solely responsible for the BBQ, not a fictional character. Just to be clear.) I had the chance to catch up with a lot of my friends. A lot of different friends, from different social groups -- whether they were my friends from Trinity, or my friends from the BSA. They all came out for this one event. It was amazing to see, especially on one of the last sunny days that we may be having for a while!
iffany and M'Kaylah, the respective Vice-President and President of the BSA. They're posing for a picture together.
Tiffany and M'kaylah, the respective Vice-President and President of the BSA.
The Back to School BBQ is an event that fulfills every facet of being an excellent student event. It a) brings people together, b) invokes intellectual discussion, and c) free food. I thank the groups that dedicated their time to set up this event in the name of building a better student community for U of T.
A picture of me in the sun posing with M'kaylah. Except M'kaylah was edited out of the photo with screenshots of the "404 error page" placed on top of her.
M'kaylah didn't like this picture of her, but I liked how I looked in it. We compromised!
Make sure to check out their upcoming events throughout the school year! Especially the BSA -- they're having a 90's & 00's throwback party on Thursday!

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