Explore Toronto: Islands Edition

Happy September everybody! Even though there are leaves falling off the tree outside my window I refuse to believe that fall is coming and am trying to do as many summer activities as possible! This past week I took a trip down to the islands to soak up the last bit of summer weather. Despite living in the city for the past 2 years there are still so many places that I haven't been to. This year I'm definitely making more of an effort to get out and explore this awesome city that we live in! To get to the islands you can take the TTC (or walk) down to Union Station, and then walk down Bay to the Ferry Terminal. Student fare is $4.50 for a round trip (cash only). ferry1
The view of the city as the ferry pulls away from the dock is my favourite thing ever. The sailboat just makes it better.
Look at our pretty city.
The main islands that you can ferry to are Wards Island and Centre Island. Wards Island has beaches and cottages, while Centre Island has more grassy areas and an amusement park for kids. You can walk between the islands if you have 45-ish minutes to spare.
Perfect spot for a picnic. Also, it's nice to see a sign encouraging walking on the grass for a change.
Their are ferries leaving both Wards Island and Centre Island until 11:00 pm, so if you want you can catch some pretty great sunsets from the Islands.
So U of T, now that everyone is back in the city, what pleaces are you most eager to explore? Let me know in the comments below! 

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