Selfies (at Robarts)

Our Community Crew Captain, Abdullah, posted the most honest, groundbreaking tweet that I've seen in my 5 months here at Student Life: Ah, the fabulous Robarts selfie. You're guilty, I'm guilty. I'm here to tell you that you are not alone in your obsession with taking photographs of yourself when you should be studying. Styles, angles, and locations all tell you a lot about the individual behind the Robarts selfie. One thing that ties all of our masterpieces together is the fact that we are all students, we are all tired, and we all dread the first announcement - "the library is closing in 45 minutes" - that's basically asking us to get the heck out of the library at 10PM on Friday. You are not alone in the struggle to April, comrade. Here are 6 common types of Robarts selfies that you might find on any given U of T student's MacBook. Much love to my friends and colleagues that agreed to let me use their images! 1. The "I don't get this concept so I'm going to take a selfie" selfie. ModRobarts 2. The "I don't want anyone to catch me taking a selfie" selfie. Souleik 3. The "checking that your hair is in place and making sure you still look cute" selfie. AnnissaRobarts 4. The Not-Quite-A-Selfie Selfie 5. The "I look too good to be here, let me take selfies instead" selfie. 6. The "I don't care if people catch me taking a selfie because I'm over this day" selfie.
(This is me! Hello, everyone)
(This is me! Hello, everyone)
I want to see your selfies at Robarts! Tweet your selfies with the hashtag #SelfiesAtRobarts and show us how hard you're working.

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