Reflecting on the beginning of the end

My usual reluctance to leave the holiday cesspool of unproductivity is further complicated by a sad realization that I will soon not have to deal with this problem anymore. This is my last semester at UofT.

IMG_9550new self-portrait.

We all start our undergraduate careers thinking about the possibilities that the next few years will hold for us, without realizing how quickly those few years will slip by. There are many things I wanted to do, that I managed to do,
  • Get involved with on campus extra curricular
  • Discover what I was interested in
  • Live well in a city I am unfamiliar with
  • Learn how to cook
  • Make fabulous friends
  • Make a snow angel (Coming from the tropics, this is a big one, I have my first experience on film)

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.20.41 PMa still of me executing perfect snow angel form from aforementioned film.

There were also things I didn’t plan on, but did anyway,
  • Pull multiple all-nighters
  • Work at a soup kitchen
  • Read a ridiculous amount of literature in a short time
  • Eat too much food truck poutine
  • Do a random minor completely for fun
  • Fall badly on the ice at least once every winter

the UofT student diet.

With one semester left, I decided to compile a list of things I wanted to do before graduated:
  • Go see a collection at the Justina Barnicke gallery in Hart House
  • Use as much wifi as possible
  • Go to a couple of free lectures/talks
  • Use the career center
  • Enter a poetry contest
  • Study outside when the weather gets nice
I also wanted to conquer my fear of talking to professors more openly, so I will be conducting some professor interviews this semester and writing about my experiences. What else should I do before I graduate? What do you think are some must dos at UofT? Follow #TryitUofT on Twitter to catch events all over campus.  

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