Summertime Wonders at U of T

July is my favourite month of the year. By far. It’s the warmest, brightest, loveliest month in Canada, 30 days of summer bliss (and maybe a few torrential downpours to make life more interesting...). All said and done, it’s my most carefree month before Fall comes around and I, well, have to 'get serious'. The irony of having this post published right around August 1st does not escape me. However, August is still summer, and we’ve still got time to revel in this sunshine and the slush/snow-free pavement for a few more weeks. So here it is! A ‘yay, you should try this too!’ mini-list of things that I have loved exploring on campus at U of T. Maybe you’ll like to explore them too. We have a few weeks left U of T- let’s work it! Harvest Noon Yes, Harvest Noon has popped up a few times in our U of T blog, probably because it really is pretty awesome. Last week, they were offering a Salsa canning workshop. This Fall, they will be harvesting honey from U of T’s very own apiaries, in collaboration with U of T B.E.E.S. Keep your eye out! If you attend the harvest, glass jar in hand, you’ll go home with a batch of local honey of your very own.
Harvest Noon's Events - more to come in August!
                Innis Cafe I am a big fan of Innis Cafe. Last week, I decided that I desperately needed a cookie. You know, those days when you just *need* a chocolate fix? I love chocolate almost as much as Minions love Bananas. Once at Innis, I realized that there weren’t any chocolate chip cookies left. At which point my heart broke with disappointment. Innis Cafe to the rescue: the gentleman behind the counter said: “If you wait 10 or 15 minutes, I can make you some!”. Isn’t that amazing? That’s pretty amazing.
Innis :))))))))))))
I am also a big fan of their salads and their food in general: it’s inexpensive, healthy, and vegan/vegetarian friendly.
R & RRRRRR Victoria College, UC Quad, Knox College, the Oasis at Med Sci building... summer months are slower at U of T, which means that green spaces are even quieter and perfect for enjoying a moment or two of peace. Have you ever lounged in the UC Quad, delighted at how distant it feels from the rest of campus? I feel as though i’m not even in the city. I’m in the middle of some forest glade somewhere in the world, with giant trees and chirping birds. A perfect escape.
UC quad.
              Faculty of Architecture at U of T Okay, so this kind of applies to months after July, but the Faculty of Architecture offers some fantastic talks by visiting scholars. Check out this upcoming lecture in November: "Walking Your Talk – Integrating Walkability in Urban Design" by Jennifer Keesmaat. Very cool, especially in light of the fact that we do a lot of moving around at U of T.
Hart House Again, a U of T staple that gets tons of shout outs – if you haven’t been yet, you’ll see why! Art, music, theatre, food, not to mention Hart House’s dashing Hogwarts look - you can’t go wrong with an hour or two spent here.
So there you have it, a few places on campus that have changed the way I see U of T. Perhaps you'll find them equally as delightful ;).

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