Some new experiences in my final days

The next seven days or so are going to be my last at the University of Toronto (as an undergrad, anyway) and while you would think that during this time I would be winding down my university life, locking myself in the library in an attempt to make it through the perilous end-of-year-essays/final exam season, I find myself instead experiencing the opposite — engaging in a lot of "firsts" — for the first time. Upon reflection, these experiences are a testament to the sheer amount of stuff there is to do, see, and experience at U of T. It also goes to reinforce the idea that just because I, along with my fellow graduating students, may be ending our academic time with the university, this does not necessarily prohibit us from new experiences with the institution. I would also hope to encourage those you who expect to graduate next year to make the most of your undergraduate experience and take some time to explore all that the U of T has to offer. What are these experiences I'm referring to? Well, let me tell you! Ate at Veda:  The other day a friend and I decided to grab lunch. We wanted to go somewhere relatively cheap and preferably somewhere on-campus. She recommended this Indian place called "Veda," I had never heard of it before and was willing to try something new. After leading me deep into the inner-workings of the Galbraith Building we came across the little take-out restaurant. Upon first impression, I'll admit it didn't seem like much, but whatever the place lacked in aesthetic appeal it more than made up in food quality and price. I got a vegetable rice bowl with two types of curry — all for $5.00! It was thoroughly delicious and perfectly proportioned for a healthy lunch. I only wish I had known about Veda earlier, it's definitely now one of my favourite eateries on campus! Sought essay advice from a prof: I must admit that I am a little ashamed it took me five years to do this task, but the other day I went to visit a professor of mine for advice on a paper...for the first time in my undergraduate career. The experience itself was very useful as my professor indeed provided insights about how I should go about writing and structuring my essay. I don't really know why it took me this long to seek this sort of assistance from a prof — I mean I have met with professors many times for many different, perhaps even more nerve-wracking reasons (see: asking for a letter of reference). My outgoing advice to all you students is to not be hesitant to seek assignment advice from your professors! It was definitely a welcome experience and I would like to think that my essay will benefit from it! Visited Noranda: Just yesterday, I joined a friend in visiting the Noranda Earth Sciences Library for the first time. Now I know some you might think I'm crazy for thinking that "going to a library" is a significant experience, especially given the fact that many of us are currently lamenting the sheer amount of time we're spending stuck inside Robarts as the Spring weather begins to settle in.  But to me, the University of Toronto Library System should be respected not only for being one of the top academic library systems in the world and for the sheer amount of books and knowledge and learning contained within them, but also for their architectural design, layout, and concept. These buildings were erected to bring together the two essential components that make up a university: students and learning. To me entering a library is akin to entering a shrine; a library is a place of knowledge, history, and academic rigor. These are three new experiences I've had at the U of T over the last seven days, and with only seven days left to go in my undergraduate degree I'm eager to see what I have yet to see and do at the university!

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