Dear Mom and Dad:

The other day,┬ámy mother walked into my room and saw me sleeping next to my laptop, with a textbook as my pillow surrounded by laundry to be done, paper plates to be thrown away and garbage yet to be taken out. I was the ultimate hot mess after a failed all nighter. Why? Because I'd JUST caught up with school after falling a week behind with the reading week madness. She got so worried about my condition that she booked a doctor's appointment for the next day about my odd sleeping and eating patterns (which I obviously will be skipping because of school commitments). From this point on, I have a few more 15 pagers left, but they are all political theory papers which I ENJOY working on, so stress levels are lessening. But nonetheless, ESSAY SEASON is among us, friends. And everyone knows how annoying parents can be during this stressful time of the to help you out, forward this letter to your parents. Dear Mom and Dad: For the next two months, I need you to LLEAAAVVVEE ME ALOOONNE. This is how I feel when you express your concern during this time of the year. I know my eating schedule is messed up. I know I haven't been sleeping. I know that I'm behind on my vitamins. I know I look like the Undertaker. I KNOW. So please stop nagging me to clean my room, to take a shower or to start eating healthier... at least for the next few weeks. I promise to listen to you after this madness because frankly I am concerned by my behaviour too. It means the world to me that you care so much about the quality of my existence, but right now all I need from you is emotional support. I am so scared I won't be able to meet these deadlines. Do you know what missing a deadline or failing to perform on an assignment/test this time of the year means?┬áThirty or more per cent of your mark or opportunity to do better in the class GONE. Do you know how huge some late penalties are in university? Do you know that everything is like magically due around the same time of the year which means that there is no way to have enough time to prepare enough. Please don't yell at me about where I am going to, or not, end up in my life by behaving like this. I don't know. And the last thing I need to think about when trying to stay sane in the madness is my future. Also, please refrain from criticizing the way I look because my self-esteem is already dwindling because of that horrible paper I just handed in. But you can do the following: 1)Tell me how amazing you think I am for enduring modern day university pressures and for not giving up when times get tough. I need all the external validation I can get right now. Good-morning, have-a-good day text messages, funny stories, pep talks...I need them more than ever to survive the home stretch. 2)Cook me meals. The reason I've been skipping meals and just snacking is that I don't have time to prepare the meals. Coming home to a cooked meal after a long day of S-T-R-E-S-S is quite possibly one of the best feelings in the world. Food always tastes better when someone makes it for you. 3)Surprise clean my room. I'm not asking you to clean my room or organize all of my stuff (don't do that, there's a certain logic to everything and messing it up will get in the way of my morning routine of getting ready in 2 minutes). Coming home to a bed that's been made is a really good feeling because it's nice to know there is some order amongst all the chaos. 4)Be supportive. I assure you things will be back to normal in May and I'll be that beautiful, happy daughter of yours with healthy glowing skin, clean hair and fabulous outfits. But for now, just look at pictures of me from the past or something to make up for the lack of me in your life. xoxo Your Child at U of T   - Sarah

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