Girls, Let’s Talk.

Girls like to talk (I’m sure many guys can attest to that!).  When we’re out with our girlfriends, it seems like every topic is fair game. But where does sexual health fit into our conversations? Or does it? Queue crickets chirping and awkward silence. image I have to admit, it’s such a personal topic that many of us (yes, myself included!) feel too uncomfortable talking about it for fear of being judged, misinterpreted or having what we say be accidently leaked to the outside world.  But sexual health is an important topic because it touches on issues that can affect every aspect of our lives. Health & Wellness provides an interesting solution: Girl Talk.  These sessions address female sexual health and healthy relationships in a safe, informal, inclusive and welcoming way, through open dialogue.  The aim of Girl Talk is to provide female UofT students with information they want to know, through an anonymous Q&A.  The greatest part of this program is that the talks take place in a small group facilitated by a female nursing student, and can be arranged by any group of girls (women) as long as there is a private room on campus to host it in. Girl Talk seeks to debunk myths and give women accurate information that can help them to make informed decisions about their health in addition to building self-efficacy when it comes to negotiating safer sex practices.   For example, the new Pap test guidelines set out by Cancer Care Ontario now recommend that women over the age of 21 and who are or who have been sexually active get a Pap test every three years.  This is different from imageHealth Canada, which recommended annual screening beginning at 18.  So what do these changes mean and how can they affect our health?  I’m not sure, are you? Moreover, Talking and being informed about sexual health does not have to be limited to individuals that are sexually active.  In fact, it’s just as important, if not more so, to know what you’re getting into before you get into it.  Deciding to become sexually active or not is a choice that we all will make at different times in our lives.  For many people, this can often be a life-changing decision.  Wouldn’t you like to be prepared? So whether you are sexually active or not, if you would like to know more about your body and sexual health, why not attend a Girl Talk session. We’re here in university to learn.  However, that learning doesn’t have to be solely academic.  Would you write an exam without studying for it?  Probably not!  Get informed about your sexual health--book Girl Talk and learn how to be sexually healthy.

Let’s Talk!

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