“Asian Glow” and Other Myths

I was out with a friend the other night having a drink and I got the dreaded “Asian glow.” I can’t help it -- no matter how little alcohol I consume, my face turns bright cherry red. My friend noticed this and teased me by calling me a lightweight.  Of course, we both know that “Asian glow” isn’t necessarily a sign of drunkenness but rather more of a myth.  And, that got us talking about some of the other myths we’ve heard from before and so I decided to look up them up. Here are some of the more common ones I found: MYTH: Coffee, cold showers, or fresh air will sober you up. FACT: Time is the only thing your body needs to digest and remove alcohol from its system.  The amount of time it takes depends on your body weight and the amount of alcohol consumed.   MYTH: Drinking alcohol when you’re cold will warm you up. FACT: Consuming alcohol actually lowers the body’s internal temperature.   MYTH: Alcohol will increase your chances at having sex. FACT: Even though drinking loosens our inhibitions, it can also impair the ability to have sex.  For men, it can lead to erectile dysfunction and for women it can impair the ability to orgasm.   MYTH: You will get drunk by mixing drinks than by sticking to one type of alcohol. FACT: Alcohol is alcohol.  Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) – the percentage of alcohol in your blood – is what counts, not the type of beverages consumed.   MYTH: Drugs are a bigger problem than alcohol. FACT: Alcohol is a drug. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it can’t harm you. I also found out that combining drinks like Red Bull or Monster with alcohol, tricks your body into thinking it’s not tired, making you feel less intoxicated than your body actually is which in turn can lead to alcohol poisoning. And, did you know that women who are on the birth control pill can get drunk much faster because metabolizing the hormones of the pill makes it more difficult to metabolize the ethanol in alcohol? Also, birth control pills take three full hours to get into your blood stream and take effect.  Vomiting, for any reason, within that time frame reduces the effectiveness of the pill and therefore increases a woman’s chance of getting pregnant if she has sex. Alcohol is certainly not required to have fun, and wanting to have fun doesn’t have to mean being reckless.  If you like to have a few drinks, knowing the facts about alcohol can help you in making more informed decisions.  After all, having fun and staying safe isn’t mutually exclusive. What’s the craziest myth you’ve ever heard? Cheers, Vivian

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  1. LOL how did you even find that video? Nobody believes me when I tell them that the asian glow actually means you’re metabolizing alcohol faster!

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