My intramural experience

On Saturday I played my last soccer game for the outdoor season. And then I realized – I haven’t even mentioned a word about soccer to you guys all semester! I mean, we won almost every game we played! How could I miss sharing that?!
Well, to start from the beginning... it had been a really long time since I played soccer in an organized league – and I’d missed the feeling of being part of a team. So back in September I decided to try out for my college’s intramural soccer team. I mean “try-outs” were held, but they were basically practices, as we all agreed that in the spirit of intramurals, we wouldn’t cut anyone. This worked out great – because it meant that even if several girls couldn’t make a game, we weren’t hurting for players. We got off to a great start, winning a whole bunch of games in a row. But the most exciting game by far was the quarter-final we played on November 2nd. We all braved the frigid weather and outshot the other team hands down! But my goodness, we just could NOT put the ball in the net! We hit so many cross-bars and had so many chances… but we just couldn’t get that last goal to bring the score from 2-1 to 2-2.
If only we could have done this!
Despite our not-so-ideal end to the season, I had a really great time playing and I’m glad I joined this year. I got to know a LOT of new people from my college, from all different years and programs of study. I looked forward to seeing the familiar faces each week, and going to practices/games was a great way to break away from the books for a while. In fact, I’m still thinking about continuing with the indoor soccer season, set to start in January 2013.
Indoor soccer in the bubble is coming soon!
But soccer isn’t the only thing happening on the intramural front – U of T has TONS of opportunities for a wide range of sports!! We even have intramural tournaments! There’s a whole bunch coming up this month in the field house like coed badminton, European handball, and tennis. If you are ready to get your game on, then your first step would be to get in touch with your intramural rep(s). They should be able to guide you with forming or joining a team and filling out any necessary paperwork. Intramurals are a great way to break a sweat, make some friends and have a lot of fun, but did you know that you could also get an AWARD for doing all that?! All you have to do is have a teammate nominate you for the Intramural“T”! This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the intramural programs at U of T, whether through playing, coaching, refereeing or a combination of the three. Being awarded for being active! Does it get any better than that? -Lesia

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