Octo”boo”er (Ok that was terrible)

With the pressure of midterm/paper season well upon us, many of us have no doubt fallen prey to the sad reality of "actually doing our work for once". Being subject to this sad truth can be both depressing and stressful, so I ask you, Is there no light at the end of this dark tunnel? Well of course there is, its the month of October after all, and we all know that means we are but mere weeks away from the greatest of all holidays, HALLOWEEN! Ah yes Halloween is but just around the corner yet again. Time to get freaky and begin putting together your costume, or else you'll be caught out in the cold with nothing to where but your casual everyday clothes (and on halloween thats just ridiculous). I've got to start off by saying that I am a little biased when it comes to Halloween, mainly because my family tends to go all out for the event (it tends to be even bigger than Christmas for us). I'm not sure if thats because we are completely abnormal and ridiculous, or just because we are a ton of fun (I prefer the latter explanation). Regardless, I have learned that over the years there are 3 key things that everyone needs to know about halloween, and you must know them NOW! For that there is no more precious time to lose, we are but two weeks away from the big affair, this is HALLOWEEN PEOPLE its time to kick into high gear. 1st Rule of halloween: Be careful what you decide to be, you want to be unique and different, but don't do a half way job, you don't want to be explaining what you are suppose to be in detail too much the whole night.
  2nd Rule of Halloween: Don't be ashamed. Wear that costume to class, I mean this is your one time to go all out and just be a walking persona of complete insanity, and no one can stop you. If someone questions you about your ridiculous costume you can simply reply "Its halloween bro!" 3rd Rule of Halloween: Show that costume off, go out to at least one halloween themed social, event, party, family gathering, etc. You gotta spend the halloween weekend showing off your amazing new get up. If your even more intense into the spirit of spookiness and "halloweening", this October, than why not join a costume contest? There are always many of them out there, but this year my eye has been fixated on one in particular which is being put on by OOHLALA. All you have to do is take a picture of your costume with their app (which of course is free) and you could win a trip, also its strictly for college and University students. Follow the link below for the Facebook page. Also, Feel free to leave a comment below about any other key points about the spookiest holiday of the year. https://www.facebook.com/events/261738537278461/  Happy Halloween, Shak          

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