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Oh media, how I love you. Not in like a high-school-luv kind of way where your initials would be inscribed on every desk and notebook, but in a truly madly deeply kind of way. While I’m not quite majoring in you, I know this thing between us is forever, in almost every sense of the word. From pop culture, to the gems television has to offer, to your more social platforms, you’ve also been kind enough to come with me to university. CIUT, you had me at “mic check”. Not only is this homebase incredibly trendy –as I previously mentioned, it used to be the Hart House Warden’s apartment- but it includes the many records lining the walls of HQ to the warm people that help CIUT deliver seriously cool community radio waves for our listening. Not to mention, the door to opportunity is always open here, especially for students who love or want to get to know more about the radio. I personally know a girl who likes to host every Monday! Then again, how could I forget about TV? That video of what we all seem to say on campus more than often was kind of funny, but that’s not all there is to UTTV, which once again is another media resource on campus, for campus, by students from campus. Besides all of the nifty contests they’ve got up their sleeves, UTTV definitely helps add to the overall media spectrum on campus, because who doesn’t love TV? But with radio and TV, how could I forget dear print media? You kind of started a few revolutions back in the day, and at St. George in the form of The Varsity, you aren’t to be missed. No seriously, there is no way you could spend more than a year on campus and not know about the student publication that’s been running since 1880. Besides having a long history of student-involved press, the Varsity offers all kinds of resources and topics for discussion, from student politics to professor profiles. Everytime I read it, I kind of feel like I’m in UofTville and not Toronto - it's weird but I know many can relate to this sense of citizenship that plagues me so. Not to mention dear print media, you are present at every college too! Now, I must dedicate a special place to the internet, as it’s allowed anything and everything U of T to exist in my smartphone and laptop... while you're not quite a student group or club, you’re on Twitter and Facebook. I remember the glorious day when I discovered that there was even a compiled list of twitter accounts to follow - although I knew it didn’t cover all of them- it was enough for me. I didn’t really realize the sheer depth that could come out of student engagement on Twitter, but it’s kind of incredible when ROSI starts trending in Toronto on course selection day. So thank you media, I’ve been able to realize how you in all of your glorious forms are able to directly relate to what I experience on campus. You've definitely showed me that this commitment to one another is going to be until convocation does us part. -Vahini

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