Learn about the world, courtesy of U of T!

If you're like me, the idea of travelling the world is both a fascinating and daunting thing to comprehend. Who doesn't want to travel a bit, learn about a new culture, broaden their perspective, see some exotic locations and meet some interesting people? Yet for many of us the idea of actually taking a trip is a little bit too much of a hassle to deal with. We all know that one person who seems to be visiting a different country every 6 months, posting picture after picture chronicling  their adventures on Facebook (as we sit at our computers "Liking" their images in a jealous rage). The question ultimately is: what's stopping you (me) from just doing it - planning and executing a trip of some kind? The answer is, of course, a difficult one as we are all not fortunate enough to live lives conducive to extensive travels abroad. What I'm here to tell you today is that the University of Toronto and the Faculty of Arts & Science recognize this fact and in response offer a plethora of opportunities and initiatives intent on realizing your globe-trotting dreams. These programs are structured around a learning experience of some kind, which assists you in the actual planning of the trip as well as making the whole experience academically worthwhile as the initiative compliments what you are studying in the classroom.

A map of the world...and you thought U of T was big.

 The Faculty of Arts & Science recognizes the value studies abroad can have on your undergraduate experience. For example, there are coursework opportunities such as the: Plus lots more to look into…and now for a few links: If applying for any of the above programs interests you, I highly recommend you click on the appropriate link! These initiatives are ultimately available for you to pursue! - Matteo

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