Embracing Fall

Fall, autumn, whatever you want to call it – I absolutely love the weather during this time of year. There’s nothing like feeling that warm sun on your face as the cool, crisp air refreshes your senses. Fall is the one time of year when we can step outside and it doesn't feel like we’ve just walked into a sauna or a freezer.  In other words, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the last few weeks of decent weather! I’ve recently gotten really into biking as a way of commuting – I’ve had this mountain bike sitting in the garage since I was like 13 and decided it might be a good idea to put it to use! The weather is great for cycling right now – I don’t have to wear oodles of layers to keep warm, nor am I a sweaty mess once I get to campus. Even better, U of T has resources for us students who pedal our way around. I brought in my bike to Bikechain this week to do some general maintenance (no more squeaky chain!). It’s U of T’s small fix-it-yourself-but-they-help-you  shop for all things cycling. You can buy parts, pump up your tires, and do repairs all in one spot. Bikechain can be found here on campus, hidden away in the basement of the Centre for International Experience (across from the Koffler Student Services Centre on St. George Street). Don’t have a bike? No problem, because Bike Chain actually lends bikes to students, FOR FREE! All you need is your T-card, another piece of ID, and $100 cash for deposit (100% refundable). You can stop by during their drop-in hours to fill out the paperwork, pick up a bike map, and be on your way! The bike is yours for a week, and comes with a lock and lights. Here’s an idea of what they look like: Victoria College also runs a bike co-op called Betty & Dash. You can find them in the VUSAC office (BC room 5), and they offer a similar FREE bike lending program along with other cycling services. If biking isn’t your thing, or you just don’t want to deal with all those cars on the road, walking and/or running is a great alternative. These are especially fun with a buddy (walking + friends = exercise AND social time!! Now that’s using time wisely! ). There’s always the drop-in hours at the Varsity Centre track, but if going in circles makes you feel like a hamster, then check out these suggested downtown routes of varying lengths. Oh, and if you’re looking for an opportunity to be social, do good, AND get some fresh air, then consider participating in Terry’s CAUSE on Campus! It’s a tri-campus run/walk happening at UTSC next week (with shuttle buses running from UTM and UTSG)! Have you already tried out one of the ideas I mentioned? Got a favourite outdoor activity that I missed? I wanna hear about it! 🙂 -Lesia

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