how I met my college.

Author's Note: Different students will have different reactions to this post. Trinity College students will probably find this post annoying. UC students will probably find this post awesome. Other college students will probably be apathetic towards to this post. Please keep in mind that all jokes in this post are meant in good humour. Trinity College, don't cry. This is how I really feel about you. Besides, this week there will be other awesome posts that highlight love for Trinity. But today, today is UC's day to shine. 

So as you probably can ascertain from the author's note, I'm a student at University College. How I came to be a student at UC was actually quite by chance. UC was not my top choice, my top choice of college was a college that will remain nameless. Needless to say, I did not get into said college (turned out to be for the best). At the time, I was slightly dejected by this but I had the attitude of Adele. At the time when I ordered my remaining colleges, I didn't really put much thought into it. It turns out, I ordered UC second, based on the fact that the building looked old and cool. So as I arrived on campus last September, I didn't really know much about UC nor did I expect to really be involved with it. That first day, though, when I met my first university friend, it turns out he was from University College. I found that when meeting people, UC seemed to be a way to connect with others. Then, I picked up a copy of the Varsity Handbook and found out about free tea and cookies. So that became my hotspot every day at 2:30. Hey, it's free food. That was held at the UC Union, which shares a building with the Commuter Students Centre. Soon, I found myself eating lunch with my St. Mikes friend there (who appreciated the couches) a lot. So that's how I formed a relationship with my college. I'll admit that as a busy commuting science student, having UC close to my classes helped a lot. Had I been say a St. Mike's student, I would have barely frequented my college. It's often thought that Trinity College is the most prestigous of all the colleges. That would probably be true. But you see, Trinity is like the high school prep student, always trying to act all big and refined. UC is more like a old hip grandpa with lots of wisdom, so think mixture of Steven Tyler with Aristotle. We're under appreciated. There are lots of things to love about this hip grandpa.
  • We're the oldest college at U of T.
  • We have the oldest student government in Canada. (I probably should go to more events.)
  • We give out free tea and cookies.
  • Diabolos and Reznikoff are more than just restaurants.
  • We are often compared to Hogwarts.
  • We caught fire in the 1800s and have a dance to commerate it.
  • Home to Junior Common Room and an awesome student-run coffee shop that sells coffee for a buck.
  • Generally home to awesome people.
  • We confuse people with our paradox of a name.
  • We be on all the U of T promotional material, yo.
  • We own arguably the best spot on campus, the main field. And we're a step away from Hart House, Robarts, St. George St. and Con Hall.
  • You can easily get lost at UC and somehow end up in Narnia.
On a more serious note, it's great to be all warm and fuzzy with your college, but remember that there are people outside of your college (getting involved in campus media and clubs gives you this opportunity). They are just as awesome and you should interact with them, even those Trinity college students can be loveable. We're all U of T students after all. So, if you're a prospective student (especially if you're going into science - all your classes are near UC) definitely consider UC as an option for a college. You won't regret it. If you end up choosing Trinity instead of UC, I have one thing to say:
  - Abdullah  

8 comments on “how I met my college.

  1. As an incoming Trinity student, I don’t mind, it’s all just healthy rivalry you know >:)
    But I am looking forward to the Trinity post you promise 😉

    1. Is it really rivalry? Is it? ;o

      Nah, I’m just kidding. In terms of actual rivalry, I’m not sure UC and Trin have a big one. It might just be Trinity vs. everybody else. 😛
      The Trinity post will come later this week from one of our bloggers based there, Vahini.

      – Abdullah

  2. I was just wondering:
    1) What time/days are cookies+tea served at UC union?
    2) Where do you pick up a copy of The Varsity magazine?

  3. Hello Deena.

    Tea and Cookies are served in the Fall and Winter semesters, from Monday-Thursday from 2:30-3:30 pm. There will be occasional days however that it does not happen. This service is open to all UofT students, not just UC students.

    The Varsity handbook for new students can be obtained 3 places.
    1) It will be included in your frosh kits.
    2) You can pick it up at The Varsity’s table at the UTSU Clubs Day.
    3) It will be posted online shortly, I’m not sure when though.

    Hope this helps!

    – Abdullah

  4. Woodsworth is quite arguably the lifeless and boring Aunt that people regret talking to cause they are so damn boring.

  5. This made me extremely happy. 🙂 So proud to be part of UC as well. ps- you should come to more lit run events cause they’re awesome

  6. Awh yeah, UC representing (currently this post is beating the Trinity post in terms of comments >:D)
    And yes I should go to more UCLit events, I really should. 😛

    – Abdullah

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