Has excess turkey given you a gobble?!

Hey there...Welcome back! Fingers feeling a little heavy? That turkey/tofurkey/turducken weighing you down?! Perhaps it’s the thought of impending midterms and papers that October brings... Whatever it is, (like me) you might be feeling more sluggish and tired than you were in early September. Well I ain’t down with THAT! Personally, my demise occurred Tuesday night. I came home after a long day of classes with a pounding headache, and decided to sleep it off. Well you know what evening naps turn into... more sleep! I woke up 12 hours later at 7am, having done no further studying for my 9am midterm, nor any work on my paper due the following week. Where could I lay blame?! What was my excuse?! Sadly, I didn't have many finger-pointing options. It could have been any typical self-induced issue - excessive turkey consumption, general inactivity, lack of sleep... to name a few. But what now?! Well, I did some research and found this interesting article on fighting fatigue with exercise!! Not only should you be more energized, but according to one of very own U of T profs, your mental health should improve too! What exercise to do though? With this precipitating weather I'm less keen to do the whole "running around outside" thing, however if you're feeling brave I hear the Athletic Centre has handouts to offer! As for me, I've got a few other ideas brewing... Intramurals - It's not too late! Contact your college/faculty rep to sign up! Who knows, maybe after the game the team will partake in some hoppy beverages?! Dance - This Sunday there's an African Caribbean dance workshop - check the link for details! Drop-in games - Basketball, co-ed basketball shooting, women-only or volleyball! Drop in, don't drop out! Or if you're revved up for winter...perhaps warm your skates up at Varsity Centre's drop-in skate? Who knew?! Don't forget Hart House - if you really want to get serious they've got personal trainers (not to mention some other sweet fitness options) - check it out! I'll be checking out at least one of these options, hopefully it's the energy cure I need to make it to the end of October. If all else fails, do yourself a favour; check out Judson Laipply (link below). Try to keep up with his evolution! (By the 5th or 6th time at least you'll have new moves for the weekend and a 30minute workout already done!) httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg Later skaters!   Laura    

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