Goodbyes, hellos, and an invitation: UpbeaT makes its seasonal shift

Hello everyone: Chris Garbutt here, manager of the UpbeaT project at Student Life. You've probably read all the goodbye posts from this year's bloggers. It's been a great year at UpbeaT. Week after week, our bloggers told you about the amazing things they've done on campus, and some of the involved, engaged people who are also doing amazing things at U of T. Thanks to Cynthia, Danielle, Dara, Lori and Shannon for all your hard work! Now that we're into a new session, I hope you'll welcome Emily, our new summer communications intern at Student Life. She'll be your UpbeaT blogger until the end of the summer, and will pick up where the regular UpbeaT team left off.

Work for UpbeaT!

lifeatuoft is a great blog to work for, and we're now looking for curious, creative and committed new bloggers for the 2011-2012 school year. Apply for any of these positions: lifeatuoft Writer: Proven writer, either in print or online. lifeatuoft Multimedia Blogger: You love to tell visual stories! Physical Activity Blogger: Create posts about physical activity and healthy living! Writer/Videoblogger (International): Find creative ways to capture and convey the range of international experiences and opportunities available through U of T's Faculty of Arts & Science. Deadline for these positions is May 31 or June 1. Thanks to all our readers, and enjoy your summer. Keep reading!

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