Emergency funds == Very Important!

3 comments on “Emergency funds == Very Important!

  1. Hi Cynthia,

    I totally understand where you’re coming from. I store a lot of information on my iPhone as well. How unfortunate that the waiter had such an accident!

    But anyway, I’m leaving a message to ask if you backed up your old iPhone data on iTunes? If so, you can just restore all that data onto your new iPhone. Hope it all works out for you!

    Also, thanks for the advice of the tax-free savings account. That’s a great idea. I should definitely start one as well.

    Best of luck!

  2. Hi Ida,

    Thank you for leaving a message! The “incident” as I have now taken to calling it, is highly unfortunate and there will forever be a small chunk of my heart reserved for the mourning of my poor 3GS.

    I DID back up my data, thankfully. But I didn’t get an opportunity to sync with my phone since the beginning of the week, so I lost data between November 1-4th.

    Not too bad, I know, but I had some really precious text messages on there that I can’t get back.

    It’s really nice to hear from you, Ida! I’m glad you’re sympathetic to (and UNDERSTAND) my distress. <3


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