Crumpled Paper Magazine: Looking for Submissions. Draw instead of Facebook!

Sometimes I want the professor to goad the pretentious commentators in my classes just so I can doodle. I can't doodle at home. I can't doodle when I concentrate. Then my brain goes "Hey. This looks pretty good. Let's turn it into the Mona Lisa WITHIN THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES."  Doodling is like meditating, or thinking of nothingness, or... hmm. It cannot be forced. It can only stem from the act of zoning out, when Bob begins to banter on about the postcolonial implications of the introduction of the remote control into the workforce. There's also the serendipitous happening of putting down your calculus book for five minutes. Five minutes that turns into four hours in front of a white space. And by the end, that white space is absolutely beautiful. But who do you show it to? Facebook is evil, Deviantart takes forever to load... maybe you want a tangible, non-internet solution? Oh em gee! An art magazine at U of T!* (One of many?) Aaaaah, admit it. You thought U of T was artless, too. It kind of is. You have to peek into the quietest corners, and it's usually the expensive, art-so-fine-you-normals-can't-understand-it, like a huge metal framework that looks like a 3D scribble. Actually, that would be really cool. OkayItakeitback. Fine art is awesome, no matter how I try to poke at it. IMO, it's also good to see artwork by some random student you wouldn't see otherwise.** Crumpled Paper Magazine was previously just for the engineers, the students who probably have the smallest opportunity to get an artistic fix (i.e., crazy workload). Lucky for everyone else, they now accept submissions from all students across campus. They are looking for submissions RIGHT NOW. The deadline is October 5th (next Monday). Send in your lost poems, your bad poems, that one drawing you did that was really good, short stories, comics, photos, photoshop tirades that turned out pretty cool, the multi-page doodles you do in class, haikus about your lectures, paintings, grocery lists in the form of song lyrics, mock movie posters you did for high school, I don't know. Any creative stuff you find under your bed that can be printed. The desire to submit work is a great excuse to be creative. "But Ma! My stick person samurai epic must be known to the world!" Who knows; that same epic you randomly chose to send to your campus publication might become a regular for the Daily Bugle in ten years. Oh yeah. It happened to the Boondocks (save for the fact that it didn't consist of stick drawings). Judging from the General Meeting I attended last week, the atmosphere around the magazine is pretty darn friendly, too. No berets and bongos to stifle you. I say this probably because I am an artist whose drawing droughts go on for weeks and lead to the kicking of puppies, but I believe art is necessary to one's health/sanity. Especially the health/sanity of someone whom is potentially submerged in facts that go nowhere***, numbers, or literature that may or may not be incredibly boring (insert Paradise Lost jokes from last year). A change of pace can stop you from going crazy, so... I don't know, take half an hour one day to get back into being creative (or try it for the first time). It's half an hour you'll spend on Facebook anyhow. Oh, use Nuit Blanche as inspiration, too! In fact, go to Hart House on October 3rd. If you really feel you have nothing to submit, Crumpled Paper's website declares layout helpers are always desperately needed. If you're already a visual art student... do a friend's math assignment one day. - In short, there is an art and creative writing magazine called Crumpled Paper on campus, generally found in the engineering area. They are looking for submissions. Send your stuff to by October 5th. - Liesl P.S. WTF****?! What's THIS?! I have found... Platform 9 ¾. - - - - - *t3h un1nt3nd3d rhym3z ** There may or may not be a space on campus where student artwork is displayed. I think it's at 1 Spadina Crescent, but that's another post for a not-today. *** social science, moreso than philosophy **** 'Frankenstein'. Four asterisks!

10 comments on “Crumpled Paper Magazine: Looking for Submissions. Draw instead of Facebook!

  1. You’ve inspired me to think about attacking the two blank canvases that have been sitting dormant in my apartment for far too long – thanks!

  2. Hahaha Liesl….

    @Chris: I think….it could mean like “OMGZ TEH WEBSITE I WAZ LOOKIN’ FO! IT HAZ APPEAR!” Yes.

  3. Platform 9 3/4 meant that the event I found looked so cool and seemed so well hidden, it was like Hogwarts.

    @Mary: Oh no! I have class during that time! My mighty heart is breaking…

    I am excited by the number of comments I got. (strokes beard)

  4. Chris: Platform 9 3/4 is the magic [invisible] platform from which all the magic kids make their magic way via magic train to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books. It is the platform from which all good things floweth.

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