No Phone Mornings: How I’m Trying to Fix my Morning Routine

I've recently noticed myself spending way too much time scrolling on my phone first thing. Before I know it, that whole first hour has gone by, and it can make me feel off all day. I've been trying to avoid going on my phone for the first hour after I wake up, and it's really changed my whole morning!

Becoming a Morning Person: An Experiment

Anyone who knows me knows that, by nature,  I am not a morning person.

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Early mornings usually see me with the functioning capacity of a sloth on sleeping pills.

(Minus those two wretched early class days when I have to be up and ready to commute), I tend to sleep in and then feel horribly guilty for having wasted most of the morning.

Occasionally, ambitious 6 AM alarms are set, complete with threatening labels to motivate me to wake up....


…but with little success.

However, a week ago I was reading a Forbes article (you know, as any sophisticated, intellectual young person often does… jk it randomly popped up on my Facebook newsfeed) entitled 'How to Become A Morning Person.'

Inspired by the examples of several successful early risers such as Margaret Thatcher, Indra Nooyi and Anna Wintour, to name a few, I decided to challenge myself:

Seven days, seven early mornings.