Subscriptions you didn’t know you have as a UofT Student

Let's unveil some of the many hidden perks of being a student at U of T!

From libraries stocked with books and movies, to counselling services aimed at supporting your mental well-being, as a U of T student, you have access to way more helpful resources than you may realize, all using your U of T email address or UTORid. Let's jump in to some of these hidden gems:

Productivity Powerhouses

Image of phone app icons

Apps like these basically carry me through exam season when it seems like I have something due every other hour:
1. Office Suite with 1TB OneDrive Storage
2. Notion (Personal Pro)

Entertainment Essentials

Image of entertainment streaming icons like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu

When I need to wind down, I'm glad to know U of T doesn't only support my educational pursuits, but also my movie streaming. These websites offer free and discounted services that let me watch the newest movies and listen to music without making leisure too expensive for my student budget:
1. Criterion On-Demand
2. Audio Cine
3. Spotify and Apple Music discounts

Creative Arsenal

Image of creative software icons like Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva

If you are interested in unleashing your digital creativity, take a look at some of these starter apps:
1. Adobe Creative Cloud
2. DaVinci Resolve and Darktable
3. GitHub Student Developer Pack

These are only the beginning; there are so many more subscriptions and discounts you have access to as a U of T student, so use your U of T email or UTORid and get access to these ASAP! Here are a few more to check out:

Tech Treasures
1. Amazon Prime Student
2. Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 Education
3. LastPass Premium

Learning Resources
1. LinkedIn Learning

Personal Finance
2. UFile

Off-Campus Adventures
1. Royal Ontario Museum
2. Art Gallery of Ontario

P.S.! Don't hesitate to inquire about student discounts wherever you go; you might be pleasantly surprised by the savings and benefits awaiting you.

From boosting productivity to nurturing creativity and indulging in entertainment, these subscriptions cater to so many of our student needs. So, next time you log in with your U of T credentials, remember to explore these hidden treasures and enrich your student experience both online and off-campus.

– Crystal