Making Connections in Class

We’re almost halfway through the semester and entering one of the more stressful times of year… midterms! This season may mean we spend more time with our heads buried in our notes than being social and having fun. In turn, this leads to loneliness and feeling disconnected from our peers. Often when I walk into a lecture, most students are on their phones and laptops before the class even begins and zip out the second it's over.

This year, I’ve wanted to feel more connected to my peers, making classes more enjoyable. Here are three things I’ve been doing to make connections with my peers and new friends in classes:

1. Be open and approachable

Instead of just sitting on my phone or going right onto my laptop when I enter a class while waiting for the lecture to start, I simply sit — no phone, no laptop, no nothing! When we all look so busy and preoccupied, we appear closed off and un-interested, usually making people less likely to want to chat.

2. Find a fav spot

Sitting in the same spot each class helps to create a community of people around you. Usually I end up sitting around the same people, and by seeing them each class we become friends. It’s allowed me to get to know the people around me better and is nice to always have a familiar face.

Photo of a lecture hall with students looking at a screen

3. Be friendly

Everyone in a given class has something in common; you're either interested in the same subject, in the same program, or worrying about the same assignments. This is perfect grounds for small talk and even a base for friendship!

Photo of Sammi and her friends Anali and Nandini
Making friends in class make it wayyyy more enjoyable! Shoutout to Anali and Nandini who I met on the first day of art history class!💗

🌟BONUS!🌟 4. Make a connection with your professor!!!!!

This is an underrated way of making uni more worthwhile. Your professors are people, too, and are always happy to answer questions and chat. The times I've talked to my professors after class has not only made me understand the material better, but has also allowed for the class to feel less intimidating.

We don’t have to go through school alone; sometimes we just need to make the first move, and you never know who you will meet along the way!

Until next time,

– Sammi🌸

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