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Taking a UTM Course as a St. George Student

Taking a course at a different U of T campus is one of the perks of having a university across three campuses: St. George (Downtown Toronto), Mississauga, and Scarborough. This can be a great option if you’re looking to explore different courses than what your campus offers, or if you’d simply like to expand your U of T experience.

This past semester, I took a math course at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) campus as I was waitlisted for a UTSG course I needed to graduate. Thankfully, there was still space for this course at UTM, which worked out in my favour since it’s closer to where I live!

Whether you’re looking to take a course at UTM like I did, or if you’re applying to U of T and are curious about which campus to choose, in this blog I’ll share my personal pros and cons list to taking a course at UTM as a St. George student.

💡TIP: Make sure to get permission from your department if you are looking to replace a program requirement for your degree. The course I took was the same course code and description — the only difference was the campus, so the math department waived it pretty easily.

Walkway at UTM besides brown buildings and leaf-less trees,


Pro: Shuttle bus

Travelling to and from UTM is super easy with the shuttle bus. It comes every 20-30 minutes and has been reliable in getting me to my classes on time (during non-rush hours).

Con: Shuttle bus fee for St. George students

If you’re a UTM student, luckily you can use the shuttle for free with your TCard. Other U of T students, staff, faculty and all other passengers will need to pay a $7 one-way ticket from the ticketing station at UTM, or the front desk at Hart House.

Student Spaces

Pro: You have full access to UTM's (and UTSC’s) facilities, such as their gym and library

I would only need to go to UTM for one class, so I tried to make the most of the day by working out at their gym or studying in their library. I’ve also watched a few World Cup Games in the Maanjiwe Nendamowinan (MN) building where my class was held and where many students lounge around.

Cons: Only one library and one gym

With a smaller student population, there are fewer spaces compared to the 40+ libraries and 3 athletic facilities at the St. George campus.

School Size

Pro: Smaller campus and smaller class sizes

With a smaller campus, the community seemed more tight-knit, as you’re more likely to run into the same people, which may make it easier to make friends. I had a nice surprise running into an old classmate from high school!

My UTM class size was capped at 80, compared to a typical third-year math course at St. George with an average of 200 students. Despite being a newcomer to UTM, I was able to meet new people in my class, and my professor made a conscious effort to talk to each student, making the connections feel more personal.

Cons: Smaller campus and smaller class sizes

While this can be a great pro, it may also be a con depending on your preferences. I personally love being on a bigger campus like UTSG, as I get to meet a variety of people and expand my social circle through my classes, work, and clubs. And sometimes, I like being able to blend in with students in a large lecture room.

Walkway beside a brown building with large windows surrounded by green trees.


Pro: Surrounded by nature

If you love nature, UTM is the campus to be. It’s pretty secluded from the busier areas of Mississauga, making its campus feel like an escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown. To get to my class, I would take often take a certain path through a mini forest. UTM is also known for their deer, which I actually spotted once!

Cons: Less city life

This is also a personal preference, but I love being able to see the CN Tower on campus and walk a few minutes off campus to try a variety of food or visit a museum. The diverse and vibrant city of Toronto is hard to beat!

UTM is a beautiful campus and I loved being able to experience being a UTM student for a semester. Let us know in the comments if you would take a course at a different U of T campus!

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