Is U of T Haunted?👻

BOO! Did we scare you? 

Contrary to popular belief, midterms aren't the spookiest thing going on at U of T this time of year! Many students agree all over campus that U of T is, indeed, haunted. For the non-believers out there, before you cancel out the idea take a look at some of the ghost stories.…

  1. Reznikoff and Diablos

Have you ever eaten at the Reznikoff or Diablos cafe at University College? Well, they did not just pick these names out of a hat. There’s an old tale associated with these people: Ivan Reznikoff and Paul Diablos were stonemasons working on University College construction long ago. The two got into a fight over a woman, ending the life of Reznikoff. After most of University College burned down in the Great Fire, a skeleton wearing a belt with the stonesman emblem was found in the rubble, believed to be Reznikoff, who may still be roaming UC as a ghost. I attended University College’s Halloween event called “Reznikoff’s Revenge” and definitely felt some spookiness in the old building. I’ve also heard some mysterious piano playing there too…could it be Reznikoff??

A photo booth picture of Sammi Herlich and her two friends.
Reznikoff's Revenge Event Ft. me as Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum and my two angels🍬

2. Robertson Davies

If you have ever been in Massey College and seen anything unexplainable happen, it could very well be the ghost of Robertson Davies. The former Massey College headmaster used to tell ghost stories he wrote every Christmas Party and shared that one day he would haunt the building himself. Now Massey College is said to have left students seeing objects appearing in strange spots, figures vanishing, and loud noises from empty rooms. The collection of ghost stories he told is now sold in a book.

3. Bishop Johannes Strachan

Trinity College is one of those buildings you just can’t go by without stopping and staring. With all its beauty, you can’t blame a ghost for wanting to stick around, right? Well, the founder of Trinity College, Bishop Johannes Strachan, from 1851 has been sighted many times hanging around the halls of Trinity College and, apparently, stops by around November 1st for his death anniversary every year. So keep an eye out!

Trinity College
The beautiful (haunted) Trinity College🤩

Interested in learning more? There are even ghost tours that happen all over campus! Have a fun, safe and of course, a candy-filled, spooky Halloween!🎃🔮✨🍭

Sammi Herlich

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