One of the most amazing parts of being a student at the University of Toronto is being able to explore and discover new spots and places across the University of Toronto's campus. As I have entered my third year of university, I grow more and more eager to see the University of Toronto's abundant campus.

A picture of the entrance of University College, University of Toronto.

A few days ago, as I was walking back from my class at the University College at the University of Toronto, I came across a sign for an art museum. I became very curious as I had no idea that there was an art museum inside of University College, a place where I take a large amount of classes.

A picture of the entrance the art museum at University College.

I decided to follow the bright red signs with the text "Art Museum", and was led to the entrance of a beautiful, historic archway which had an entrance through it. As I followed the red posters, I was finally able to find a hidden art museum, which felt truly amazing. The art museum at University College, otherwise known as the University of Toronto Art Centre is one of Toronto's biggest art galleries, and it happens to be hidden within university college! This beautiful art museum showcases a wide range of media and art forms from different time periods and is an amazing escape from the rush of downtown Toronto. Walking around and enjoying the different art pieces was extremely relaxing and I would highly encourage students to check it out! Walking around the art museum was really peaceful and relaxing for me and helped clear my mind. The art was breathtaking as well, and I really enjoyed walking around the art museum.

The University of Toronto Art Centre houses collections that are up to one hundred and fifty years old and you can find hundreds of beautiful art pieces made by students at the University of Toronto and various world renowned artists as well. I definitely would encourage anyone who is around the area to visit the art museum not only because of how peaceful this hidden gem is, but because of how unique it is as well.

A view from the Archway entrance of the art museum at University College


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