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With exams being right around the corner, staff and students at UofT have set up a great range of resources and facilities for a smooth transition into the exam season. Whenever I study on campus, I see people finishing assignments, studying and grinding during this time of the semester. It makes me feel that there are more people in the same boat as me.

Accommodated Testing Services (ATS) is a resource that assists students registered with Accessibility Services during tests and final exams. I always make sure to book my accommodations with ATS for my exams in advance, to ensure that my accommodations are set up on time. ATS helps to reduce my anxiety around exams by guaranteeing that my accommodations, which provide me a fair chance to prove my knowledge and write the exam stress-free, are arranged.

During this time of the semester, when I do feel stressed or anxious, I book an appointment with a Learning Strategist to chunk out my goals, make a timetable, come up with learning techniques and plan ways to prepare for my exams. These tips have helped to reduce anxiety around preparing for exams. Making a to-do list with ever task broken down into chunks is something that I use everyday! Working with a Learning Strategist allows me to plan my studying schedule more strategically in order to alleviate stress. The upcoming workshop (Ask A Learning Strategist Mar 21, 2022 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM) is definitely something to look forward to in the next week.

The university is also a great support during Exam-Ready week. Student Life is handing out FREE study kits this time of the year starting today! There are events, Facebook Live coaching sessions, workshops and other opportunities to help you prep and de-stress — plus, amazing Instagram giveaways at the Instagram handle @uoft and @uoftstudentlife. Accessibility Services has also designed a Preparing for In-Person Tests and Exams  (Mar 28, 2022 01:30 PM to 02:30 PM ) workshop, which will take place next week.

Although the exam season is very stressful and hectic, there are many resources here at UofT that can help support students through their university experience. Ever since I started writing this blog and connecting with peers on campus, I have realized that the staff and community at UofT acknowledges hardships faced by students and are always willing to support.

There are many resources at Health and Wellness, Academic Success and even your College Registrars' office that are created to support students. Health and Wellness has a team of staff and peers who can help you to maintain your mental and physical health during the exam season, Academic Success offers a variety of workshops and learning strategies to help you maneuver through difficulties with academics, and your College Registrars are multiple resources in one; they can help you plan for your academic future and guide you through connecting Accessibility Services to your faculty.

I wish everyone the best of luck during exam season and I hope that you find comfort in the middle of this stressful time here at UofT!

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