Happiness #JoyAtUofT

What makes me happy?

Well… I’m drinking Coco as I’m writing this blog. I’m very happy now.

Coco Order: Yakult Green Tea with Grass Jelly

Happiness can be found in different ways.

It can be allowing yourself to sleep early on a bad day;

It can be going on a spontaneous trip somewhere;

It can be having a call with your friend for 3 hours;

It can be sleeping at 3:00 a.m. after binging Netflix;

It can be finishing your task quicker than you think;

It can be you walking home after a long day on campus;

It can also be… you being happy, for no reason. You don’t need a reason to allow yourself to be happy, to feel joy.

“Joy is that kind of happiness that does not depend on what happens.”
– David Steindl-Rast

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It’s honestly hard to define happiness: your definition of happiness may be different from mine. To me, happiness co-exists with a bit of stress, sadness, peace, and everything else. I can go to sleep worrying about my assignment, but overall, I’d still consider myself happy.

People say to chase whatever makes you feel happy. Sometimes I don’t really understand what’s that supposed to mean, because I don’t really know what makes me happy. I guess, if something doesn’t make me too sad, then the something contributes to my feeling of happiness.

Happiness is extremely hard when life seems to give you a challenging time. At times like this, I like to look back at the pictures I’ve taken so far. The people, the food, and the places in my albums can remind me what happiness means to me.

My spontaneous solo trip to Hamilton in November 2021

Ultimately, our goal in life is to feel happiness, right? Whether it’s success, wealth, or marriage, we’re pursuing things that we believe will give us happiness. And because of that, we tend to not realize that the present itself can be enough to make us feel happy. We’re so easily blinded by the end goal that we forget the journey is also worth celebrating.

Happiness is hard, and I can’t tell you what to do to feel happiness, but if I were to guess… even if you’re in a fast-paced lifestyle (like me), try your best to appreciate the things around you. If you know something makes you very unhappy, then find a way to change your environment. You really don’t have to stick to what makes you miserable.

Anyways, it’s #JoyofUofT this week! As we return to campus, I hope you find more joy by attending in-person lectures, meeting new people, and visiting campus locations.

Happy Tuesday <3

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