Celebrating the Holidays in Toronto: The Distillery Winter Village

Even though it’s exam time, it’s still the holidays - one of my favourite times of year! Putting up the Christmas tree, listening to carols and my family’s tone-deaf chorus, and hot chocolate every night! So even though there are times I am stuck downtown preparing for exams or due to the inevitable train delays, I am adamant on findings ways to enjoy the season in the city. 

One of my favourite places to be? The Distillery Winter Village (formerly known as the Christmas Market) 

Entrance to the Distillery District Winter Village

The Distillery Winter Village is place you have definitely seen on social media, between the twinkling lights on the cobblestone pathways, to all of the delicious treats and holiday drinks in hands.

Amongst the regular restaurants and bakeries, the Winter Village brings together a total of 75+ vendors (local and seasonal!) to sell holiday-themed treats, gifts, and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) such as their Christmas Cider! A true crowd favourite.

However, my favourite thing about the experience of the Winter Village is of course...the giant Christmas Tree!

The Winter Village Christmas Tree!

I mean look at it! With such bright lights, and beautiful decorations it really brings the spirit of the season to the Distillery District and is a definite must see! It's also the perfect spot for proposals this season - one of my sister's close friends got proposed to right under the tree this night -- the highlight for a lot of people's Instagram stories, I'm sure!

And of course, if you, like myself, will be celebrating Christmas this year, a staple to see is the official countdown to Christmas!

Distillery District's Christmas Countdown

If you'd like to visit the Distillery District's Winter Village this year - I definitely recommend it as a way to get into the holiday season and maybe even pick up a few handcrafted gifts for those who celebrate!

Here is some of the essential information from my experience and of course their official website!

  • Proof of vaccination is required for any patrons age 12+ and of course confirmation with government issued identification
  • Parking is VERY limited, I highly recommend taking the 504 TTC Street Car that will take you to the Distillery Loop
  • Tickets are required from Friday through Sunday after 4:00pm
  • Tickets are $8.00 each for anyone 5 and up
  • Tickets must be purchased online ahead of your arrival
  • Come prepared to take lots of photos of the attractions such as live music and of course their photo walls placed up around the district
  • Dress warmly (especially if you are going at night) there is a bit of a wind tunnel!

I highly recommend going to the Winter Village this year, whether it is as a break between your exams or as a celebration for finishing exams! Best of luck on your finals this year U of T - see you in the New Year!

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