Fixing My Sleep Schedule

I study best during the night when everyone is asleep when there is complete silence and there are no more notifications on my phone. Sometimes I even get a boost of energy around 2 AM which drives me to study for hours. The problem with this is that I wake up very late in the day. The past couple of weeks I have been trying to wake up earlier because my exams are scheduled earlier during the day. Also, since the daylight saving time has ended, by the time I wake up, the sun is almost about to set.

I started fixing my sleep schedule by waking up one hour earlier every day for a week. This didn't work out for me because I kept hitting the "snooze" button on my alarms and ended up sleeping in. If I was able to get up, I would be really lazy for the rest of the day. With exam season right around the corner, I really needed to be energetic enough to power through studying for the day.

This week after a late-night study session, I decided to power through and stay up until the next day evening. I grabbed a coffee and stayed up till the sun came out. I also went to the gym in the morning. This helped release the tension in my body and also kept me awake. I realized that working out before a study session actually helped me to concentrate better.

I went to sleep at 7 PM that day and woke up at 6 AM the next day. I was well-rested and my sleep schedule was finally fixed. I was able to build a routine. Now, whenever I am procrastinating or getting distracted easily while studying, I go to the gym and drain some of that extra energy. This really helps me study better and sleep well at night. With exams starting soon, I think it is really important to maintain your mental and physical health. With this experience, I learnt that while solving one problem, I may find solutions to other problems too.

Late-night study session

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