How I Prep For The Exam Season

As the exam season is right around the corner, this weekend I came up with a timetable to organize my tasks. When I started listing the things I had to study, I got overwhelmed by the number of days left and the number of things at hand. Making short goals and leaving some breathing space in my schedules helped me feel confident about my schedule and going into exams with a positive feeling. Over my years at UofT, I found certain resources that helped me prepare for my exams.

The Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU) provides previous years' term tests for many courses in the arts and science department. These tests help students practice and brush up on information. 

The Computer Science Student Union (CSSU) is hosting study sessions for Computer Science courses. They will update the information on these sessions on their Instagram. 

The UofT library online portal has a database for previous years' final exams which helps you do mock tests and practice for the finals.

I find Virtual Study Hubs to be very productive and they create a good environment for you to focus on your studies and not procrastinate. You might also find many other study buddies from your courses during this time. This resource can be accessed on the CLNx website

Attending the last week's classes and tutorials allowed me to revise the whole semester's material. While doing the revision, I find out which chapters of the course I can improve on. I also find asking my professors for help on certain topics very useful. 

I also join my classmates on social media groups and we go through the textbook to find questions we found interesting or difficult. This way, I can practice more questions without spending a lot of time going through the textbook myself.

While all the studying can be tedious, I find it comforting to talk to my friends and study with a group. Studying around other people also motivates me so I find myself at the library while on campus. I also find it important to maintain my physical and mental health during exam season. I always keep one evening off a week so I can take a break and not overwhelm myself. I wish everyone the best of luck for the exam season!

Meme for final exams:
"How's studying for finals going?"
Jim from the office is holding a pie chart that shows 55% procrastination, 45% distracting others. 

Funny meme about studying for finals retrieved from Society19

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