When Exam Season and Holiday Season Hit!

Its midterm madness (again…) – Peer Perspectives

It's been an incredibly busy week thus far for me. With two midterms scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively as well as an essay due on Thursday, I can find myself drowning in assignments coupled with an oh-so-helpful absolute lack of motivation to do my work. It's an extremely busy time of year and I can sympathize with anyone finding it difficult to get through this week. And to be quite honest I think that my lack of motivation to work also stems from the fact that it's the holiday season and with Christmas decor going up everywhere and so many places that must be visited during this season and of course Black Friday coming up, all I can think about is all of the stuff that’s going on outside of my classrooms and scheduled work and assignments. Also, since it's nearing the end of the term, we are all tired of the exhausting routine that our weeks tend to take and it is unfortunately the most natural thing to procrastinate and postpone work during what is probably the busiest week of the term.

To beat the stress, there are some amazing resources available to UofT students. Watch out for ExamReady booths that are going to be set up at different locations throughout this week and grab your own ExamReady kit. There are also Exam Prep Workshops, Mindful Moment Workshops, Night Against Procrastination and Study Hubs that are being conducted to help students deal with stress, prepare for examinations and in general (get through these last few weeks of term.

Once again I’d like to reiterate the importance of taking care of your mental health during this stressful season and would recommend that now more than ever each one of you takes care of their mental health. Please take a break from time to time and do whatever it is that refreshes your mind. Go for a stroll outside, get yourself some hot chocolate or watch your favourite television show- but please remind yourselves to take a break. (Literally keep a reminder on your phones!)

As I write this piece, I really don't think I have any advice to give out and instead would like to seek it from the readers. (Please feel free to leave some exam ready tips in the comments section- I could really use it.) I just wish to let people know that we are all indeed in the same boat. And I’m aware that it feels like a never ending uphill journey, but please believe that it will be over soon and that each one of you is going to make it through midterm season and you're doing the absolute best!

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