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Going Treetop Trekking with UTSC Athletics and Recreation 🌳💨

I had stumbled upon this opportunity to go treetop trekking by accident. I intended to register for a series of tennis lessons, but saw there was a section on the athletics and recreation site reserved for climbing and other outdoor activities. In case you didn't know, there is a transit accessible and affordable option to do top rope climbing at the Pan Am Centre near UTSC! When I clicked on the tab, I saw there was a session for treetop trekking at only $30—including admission and the transportation!

Though it was full, I placed myself on the waitlist. About a week after, I received an email from a coordinator letting me know that a new date (and so, new openings) have appeared for the treetop trekking activity. I signed up right away, and recommended my partner come join me.

We showed up at the meeting place by the Pan Am Centre last Friday at 9am, and left via school bus at 9:30. The location is in the Ganaraska Forest, which is about 45 minutes away. The area is a popular destination for birding and hiking, in addition to the treetop trekking facility.

a bridge suspended between trees
One of the bridges as part of a course, here the planks are suspended sideways (look closely)!

When our group of around 20 students arrived, we were led through an orientation that included putting on our harnesses and testing out a beginner level course. This included safety procedures and other tips for moving through the different courses. There was a total of 6 different courses ranging from easy to expert on site.

Each course challenges not only fitness in a physical sense, but also in the mental capacity. I was able to overcome my fear of wobbly surfaces in testing the different bridges and ladders across the different courses. I especially enjoyed the areas that require climbing, which is among my favourite pastimes. Generally from what I hear, participants enjoy the zipline most.

cheryl going down a zipline
A captured 'still' from a video of me on the zipline

This was my first time on a zipline. The ride is smooth and easy on the cable, and it felt slower than I had feared. As I moved from one end to the next, I was able to peer down upon the trees and trails beneath me while feeling the wind in my hair. It's really a wonderful feeling, one of freedom and of bliss.

On this trip, I had also made new friends with whom I discussed hobbies such as photography and climbing. The registration process and the trip itself were both seamless. I really appreciate the opportunity to explore the great outdoors as part of a student group.

Join me in staying updated! I follow the UTSC Athletics and Recreation's Instagram account to be in the know about the current and upcoming programming. I am crossing my fingers for a ski trip!

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