Study Spots to Have a Cram Jam

It is the time of the semester where some students frantically study for midterms. While the midterm season brings a wave of stress and restlessness among students, there is comfort knowing that many other people are in the same boat. When studying in campus libraries, you will see many students working together in a calm environment. I want to share some of the libraries I went to on campus where you can find a peaceful and cozy spot.

Robarts library is a famous study spot among students at UofT. There are many different floors that allow you to find a comfortable area that works for you! On the ground floor, you have many desktops available to use. On the second floor, you have a cafeteria for some healthy meals to grab for your study session. From the ninth floor to the top, there are many stacks available. I should also mention that Robarts is home to over 2000+ books. You can also have a separate cubicle to yourself or even book a room for group study! Overall, I really like that Robarts is located in the middle of campus with various food spots nearby. There is a brown food truck near Robarts which is the perfect spot for comfort food.

EJ Pratt is one of the new study hubs that students adore. It has a very cafe-like vibe. It is not too quiet but also not too noisy. Furthermore, since it is located right across Queen's Park, it allows students to go out for a nature walk for a short break. Another thing that I really liked about EJ Pratt was that they had many study rooms that did not require booking. These study rooms get occupied on a first-come, first-serve basis, but you might just get lucky!

The Gerstein Library is located at the heart of campus on the King's College Circle. I liked Gerstein for its group study rooms. This library is so big with lots of nooks and crannies that people don't often know about. Some rooms are totally isolated or meant for groups. On the other hand, studying in the stacks is very quiet and helps you focus on your tasks without any distractions. This spot is great for introverts like me who just want to finish their work without any disturbances.

With the midterm season is quite stressful, I like to check out different spots around the campus on my breaks. This helps me relax and stay motivated. I also like to grab food from the nearest restaurants and food trucks. Walking near some beautiful spots on campus, such as the Trinity college and Philosopher's Walk is a must to calm my nerves!

I wish the best of luck to everyone on their upcoming midterms, and I hope you also take good care of yourselves 🙂

A picture showing the reading rooms at the Gerstein library
Reading rooms at the Gerstein Library
A picture showing a common study space at the library
common study spaces
A picture showcasing quite study spaces at the library.
Study Vibes at the Library

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