Day in the Life of an Engineering Student at U of T

6:00 am

I love to start my days early! I think early morning starts are absolutely beautiful and peaceful. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is take a shower and complete my skincare routine. Showering first thing really helps to wake me up and prepare me for a full day of work.

7:00 am

At this time, I start my first two-hour study session. During this time, I would focus on either working on an assignment or getting some practice problems done. Sometimes, I feel the urge to get back in bed so to keep occupied I sip on some water or eat a fruit!

9:00 am

On Wednesdays, I have 6 hours of classes back to back! At the start of the semester, I struggled with this a lot but I've figured out how to keep up my energy and attention during this time. During the ten minute breaks in between classes, I use that time to eat a snack, do a five minute cardio session or spend a few minutes outside on the balcony. I find that having little activities to do during the day is really essential for me to avoid burnout.


Lunch time! For lunch today, I made some oven baked hash-browns with sweet peppers and chicken on the side. Since, I do not have much time I find this meal to be quick, easy and delicious. During this time, I watch an episode of one of my shows or I entertain myself with Tiktok!

Oven baked hash-browns with sweet peppers and chicken on the side
My lunch!


Meeting with my design team and project group. It's nice being on a team and working with a group of people. It's a great way to make friends especially with everything being online! A good three hours of social interaction while being productive is such a mood lifter and it makes me feel more interested in the work being done.

Snapshot of zoom meeting with teammates
Zoom team meeting!


I spend the rest of my night studying or working on assignments. I usually call it a night at about 12am and I always feel great going to bed knowing that I've had a productive day!

Snapshot of me working with my monitor and laptop.
Getting some work done!

2 comments on “Day in the Life of an Engineering Student at U of T

  1. How do you finance all this I’m curious, as well as how do you decide on the nature of your practice questions? Do you focus on Math equations, physic equations, or do you make formulas on your own?

    1. hi, just to let you know Memma is not currently blogging for us and we are unable to contact her for you. As an engineering student myself, I can say that in lectures we are supplied the content and sometimes there are all the formulas on a formula sheet but a lot of the time it’s sort of up to us in class to make our own. Hope that helps!

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