The True Blue Tour: Free merch, pushups and Varsity Blues pride

Suffice it to say, life at U of T's St. George campus looks a bit different this year. With online classes in full swing, it has never been easier to stroll down St. George towards Sid Smith Hall without squeezing through a crowd of backpacks and winter jackets. Whenever I have been on campus this semester, I’ve found myself wishing for someone to push past me, just so I can relive that good ol’ U of T 10 Past the Hour Traffic. Thankfully for us all, U of T's Sport & Rec division had a much better idea for revitalizing life at the U of T campus than shoving people around: the True Blue Tour. This five-stop event gave students a chance to hang out with True Blue and got people moving, despite the chilly weather. 

At noon on Friday, True Blue cruised to the first stop—UC’s Alumni Hall—in a stylish blue Mini Cooper accompanied by a megaphone, candy and, most importantly, free merch. Don’t be fooled, though… the Varsity Blues t-shirts, water bottles and hats weren’t given out to just anyone. Those lucky enough to walk away with something from the True Blue Tour had to complete a physical task, such as 10 pushups, squat jumps or lunges. 

These little challenges, though all in good fun, were a reminder that the tour wasn’t only about giving out free shirts and taking selfies with True Blue—it was also about encouraging students to keep active. Life on campus right now is certainly more isolating than in the past, but moving together is a great way to maintain community. As I found myself doing jumping jacks with a group of students I hadn’t met before, I was reminded of this fact.

After finishing up at UC, the Tour soldiered on through the cold towards St. Mary Street, St. George and Bloor, Robarts and lastly, Sanford Fleming. Along the way, True Blue distributed pamphlets advertising Sport & Rec’s outdoor and online fitness classes, including a newly heated open air gym under the stands of Varsity Stadium. (Check out the Sport & Rec webpage to see other program offerings)

The True Blue Tour was a definite hit and an initiative I am sure many students would be excited to see happen again. Seeing people jogging towards True Blue alongside the cheering of random passersby made my crisp bike ride trailing the Mini Cooper absolutely worth it. That, and my selfie with True Blue, of course.      

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