How to Keep Focused While Studying

A lot of us may struggle with keeping focused while studying. At some point, I realized I would work for about 15 minutes, and then I would use my phone for an hour! Spending so much time on our devices takes away from my learning, and I need to figure out how we can get into the zone of studying and stay in that zone for as long as I need it. Over time, I have learned how to navigate and focus while studying. Here are my top 3 tips for keeping your focus while studying!

  1. Stand Instead of Sit

The first thing you may be thinking is: "how can you expect me to stand for 5 hours??". The answer is I don't expect you to do that…I wouldn't even do that myself. The key to studying while standing is to break up your stand and sit time within your period of studying. For example, I break up a one-hour time slot into three study intervals. The first 30 minutes would be reading my notes, and I would do this while standing because standing keeps me more focused on the task at hand, and I'm only allowed to sit if I complete the designated task for that 30-minute interval. The next 10 minutes will be a break period when I can sit and reflect on what I just read. Finally, the last 20-minute interval will be more studying or attempting practice problems, and this would be done while standing. Standing while studying may take some getting used to, but it definitely pays off in the long run. I find that standing helps me stay more alert and energized to stay on task. Not to mention that standing will surely help me burn more calories!

2. Find a functional location

My study space greatly affects my focus, and picking a great location for studying is really important. Personally, I find that studying close to a window with the view of a busy street is highly distracting for me, as I spend most of my time watching people, birds, and cars go by. A functional location for me is one where I have the least distractions, I have all the tools and equipment I need, and is a space that is comfortable, relaxing, and peaceful. A good study location maximizes my studying because it helps me get, and stay, in the zone of studying.

3. Read actively by taking notes and using colourful highlighters

One of the most helpful things that really gets me to stay focused is how I take my notes while reading. I usually have highlighters with me while reading my textbook so I can identify key points and statements. I use different coloured highlighters and pens to take notes because each colour is coded with a specific meaning, and I need to pay attention so I don't mess up my colour scheme. I also found that using different colours and brightening up a dull textbook really helps with my information retention. Overall this technique helps me stay organized and focused while going through large chunks of information.

How i incorporate different colours into my notes.

There are plenty of other effective ways to stay focused while studying, and they may work for you. tell me in the comments what works best for you!

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