The music I listen to all-day and for studying

Music. I listen to it a lot. If I had to categorise them, it’s probably something familiar or fancy. Either way, it brings more thoughts and emotions to the present moment. I get to feel more, without travelling anywhere. Music is great for now, but not a substitute for conversations and little talks - a catalyst, not a replacement. Especially now with all this work, I like to start and end my day with some music.

In the mornings, I prefer to listen to silkier music and lo-fi is nice. Recently it’s been the Spotify jazz playlists and I enjoy not knowing much about jazz and just working to it. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll learn more about it. For now, while it’s pouring outside, I sit inside on the couch and have this cosy setting.

I’m writing this now in the morning and there’s something comforting watching the rain come down. The way the water drips down each marmalade-coloured sycamore leaf is nice. This playlist below is a nice one for actually anytime, which is why I like the name, a late late latte. I must have got some inspiration from all those late late shows, that have very similar names.

playlist: A late late latte.

The type of music above is smoother and always a great place to come back to. Sometimes, I'd like a bit more variety or nostalgia. I study with music for both essays and maths (I’m not saying math, we don't do that in England). I know a lot of people prefer to listen when studying for maths but can’t write that essay, as they sing along with lyrics.  I guess I’ve listened to a lot of music and I enjoy it and make it work. In the past, of course, I couldn’t listen to music and study anything - it was just too distracting. Even when I began listening, it was taxing making my own playlists. Similarly, I might want something new and fresh, so I can focus on getting that work done. So, while I’m enjoying finding more music, I'm going to keep adding to the above and below playlist as I keep organising and finding new music.

This second playlist is another afternoon, and it's for when I'd like a bit more variety or nostalgia. I have been a little lazy in not making more playlists for each type of genre, but I didn't want to overcomplicate this for you all. In short, it has tasteful choices for most days. Somedays you may skip that faster song, and other days those maybe the ones you like. It’s not the same anymore, but it doesn’t mean life can’t get better. 

playlist: another afternoon

I’m going to build a community playlist for this semester and I’ll be collecting them today on my post on Life@UofT Instagram, because there's so much out there to listen to, it's great to find something new.

Update, here's that Spotify community playlist link:

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