stone carvings of Diablos and Reznikoff

Halloween at U of T

stone carvings of Diablos and Reznikoff Celebrating the small stuff It's finally October. There's a chill in the air and a spooky undertone to everything I do. Regular coffee no longer exists - I only have eyes for artificially flavoured pumpkin-themed beverages. I'm considering getting an owl or a black cat to fit my aesthetic. Now that I've left the holiday-loving haven of the GTA suburbs, finding some good ol' Halloween fun can be a challenge. I remember venting to my friends about how unfair it was that one of my midterms fell right after Halloween in first year. Looking back, I regret not spending time to commemorate this joyous holiday - I view Halloween of 2016 as a squandered opportunity that had much potential. As a super serious first year with tunnel vision for medical school, I focused keenly on the books even when I really should've just partied a little (or a lot). Maybe it was a mixture of unbearably high stress and a lack of interest in university party culture, but I never took initiative to socialize with the student body. Because I was not inclined to attend one of the numerous frat parties, alternative celebrations would have worked brilliantly. Here's a list of a few things to do around campus and at home to de-stress during midterm season:

21 SUSSEX HALLOWEEN OPEN HOUSE: Miss trick or treating with your friends and family? Come out to 21 Sussex to gather candy and learn about all the extra-curricular possibilities available at U of T. Costumes are optional - but highly encouraged.

MoveU's Scary Skate at The Varsity Arena: Free hot chocolate, free crafts, and free skate rentals for U of T students with a valid T-Card. What more could anyone possibly want? Read about all the haunted spots on campus: With beautiful, old buildings, come tragic stories. Ever wondered about the ghostly history of some of the prettiest places on campus? Or who Diablos and Reznikoff were? Take a seat in the Junior Common Room at University College, or get cozy in the Hart House Library and dive into our school's rich history. Colleges, faculties, student groups, and other organizational units on campus often hold their own events in tune with the Halloween spirit. For those hoping  to have a chill Halloween season, here's a list of things you can do:
  • Get crafty: When I'm stressed, I like to paint. Granted the resulting pieces are typically horrendous, it's a good time. This year I'm going to grab my friends and follow along to Martha Stewart's ingenious tutorials.
  •  Movie Marathon: Just as I begin to believe in the boring realities of the mundane adult world, Halloween movies serve as a convenient reminder that magic might still exist. Whether it be Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, or any Harry Potter film, I love taking a few hours away from the 'real world' to indulge in fantasy.
  • Throw a party with your friends. This year I'm planning a movie marathon with Halloween themed snacks. Can you tell that I'm obsessed with this holiday?

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