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Reasons to be a blogger

picture of my laptop and big cup of coffee on my backyard deck During a semester, I am always counting down the days until it’s over, but when it actually is, the end seems to have come out of nowhere. This year is especially shocking because it’s not just the end of another academic year, it is the end of my undergraduate career. This post isn’t about looking back at everything from the eyes of a soon to be alumna. It’s looking back at my journey as a blogger at Life at U of T and why you should take up recording your thoughts and experiences as well – whether it is writing blogs, journaling, or even vlogging. It improves your writing and communication skills. You don’t need to be a great writer to blog, but of course, the more you write, the better you become. It gives you a reason to think more clearly and communicate better since you create a habit of proof-reading all the time.  Seeing how it’s a much more relaxed tone as compared to academic papers, it equips you in both writing styles – informal and formal. Good communication skills are something that is required everywhere you go! Experience new things on your search for the next blog topic Blogging every week forces you to go out there, explore new food places, buildings, events, classes, causes, and resources that U of T (or anywhere) has to offer. I have learned more about our campus in this past year than my previous 3 years combined! Of course, this isn’t limited to just your academic career, you have the freedom to write about anything and everything. Opens up opportunities If you’re like me, someone who is majoring in something completely unrelated to a writing field, it gives you an opportunity to put down stuff like “community builder”, “social media manager”, and “blogger”, along with several other skills on your resume/cover letters - even if you don’t plan on pursuing a writing-based career. It might just make you look like a more well-balanced candidate for a potential job. Become an author of your life Lastly, expressing ourselves can sometimes become difficult. Blogging gives you a platform to do whatever you want! Express yourself, your passions, share your knowledge, experience, and make a difference. As my last post, I really am not sure how to end this journey and say goodbye. Life here at U of T has put me through all kinds of challenges and emotions from break-downs to moments of joy. The constant struggle to find the perfect balance between school, work, friends, family, and self-care still seems to be hiding somewhere. Perhaps what I’ve learned the most is that there is no perfect balance. The ups and downs are part of some alternate definition of ‘balance’ that I have learned to embrace. I have truly enjoyed writing for Life at U of T as a Student Life blogger this year and am grateful for the opportunity. If you have been following along since September 2017, then thank you.  

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