TV Shows to End Reading Week With

Now that reading week is in full swing, you are probably wondering how to spend your new found freedom. Besides studying for your up coming midterms and catching up on course readings, which I’m sure you’re already doing, reading week is a great time to catch up and binge endless TV shows. To get your week started right I wanted tjo share with you some of my favorite shows to binge watch. FRIENDS When it hasn’t been your day or week or month or even your year….FRIENDS will always be there foryou. If your in the mood for something nostalgic and lighthearted, FRIENDS is always a great bet. Set in the 90's the show follows the lives of six friends living in New York city as they explore romances, face adulthood, and celebrate their friendship. The episodes are short so I particularly like watching this show during my study breaks. Alias Grace If you haven’t seen the TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace, you better get on it. The show is quite dark as it tells the story of the alleged murderess, Grace Frank. The storyline is captivating while the cinematography is beautiful. Highly recommend. New Girl I started watching this show when it blew up Netflix. Jess, the strange but hilarious, protagonist maneuvers her life after ending a long term relationship with her new found roommates. I find this absolutely hilarious and enjoy watching a few episodes daily. This is Us If you’re looking to get in touch with your emotions this reading week This is Us is the show for you. The heartwarming show is one of my favourites. The show, set in the 1980s, follows the lives of the Pearsons—a not so average family. Game of Thrones Once you watch a couple of episodes I guarantee you will be hooked. This is a show that requires your full attention so reading week is a great time to catch up on this amazing show. I don’t even need to tell you about the show as I am sure you have definitely heard about it. I hope my recommendations keep you busy over the break! Happy “reading"!!!

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