Trying to be Patriotic

I have five other suitemates, all from different nationalities. From the start of the year they have been kind enough to introduce their different cultures to me in many ways,  but my favourite has been their food.  I wanted to return the favour and introduce them to my country's food and culture. I've lived in five countries and I always find it difficult to find a single culture to call my own, but  I chose Argentinian food becuase I was born there. The first step was to find the best Argentinian restaurant in Toronto. I decided to turn to Google, searching "Best Argentinian Restaurant in Toronto". I did some research of course: reading reviews, looking through all the pictures, and using more than one website. Thankfully none of my suitemates are vegetarian, so they were excited about trying one of my favourite Argentinian dishes called Asado. Asado is a term both used for a barbecue and the social event of having and attending a barbecue. Search Screenshot   The Asado is the ultimate Argentinian dining experience, the cooking process is long and orderly. I have great memories of my father and grandfather cooking Asado for the entire family. Even as an Argentinian and avid Asado eater I find it quite difficult to remember what eat cut of beef stands for (and I speak fluent Spanish). I was worried that my friends and I wouldn't know what to order, luckily the menu or "la carta" came with awesome instructional images. I went in with no expectations - after all Canada is very far away from Argentina. How could it be possible to get the best Argentinian meat from so far away? Well, I was very wrong, the Asado was one of the best I ever had. I was surprised, since how could the "replica" possibly be better than the real thing?? I talked to my family about it and we can to an interesting conclusion maybe Argentina exports some of its best meat instead of keeping all of the good stuff and letting Argentinians consume it. My parents said that they had to experience it for themselves, maybe they don't trust my judgement. In the end, even if it maybe isn't the best Asado in the whole world it was an incredible experience and I am glad I was able to show my friends about my culture through food. I was able to not only take them to try some of my favourite foods but also used it to talk about our past. flag-for-argentina

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