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Well, hello there! If you’ve even seen me standing outside a classroom looking frantic, its almost definitely not because I have an impending test or other duty to perform in class. Most certainly, it’s the look on my face when I realize I have a two-hour lecture to sit through, my water bottle is empty, and I don’t know where the nearest water bottle fill-up station is. Fortunately, nearing the end of my second year of university this is happening less and less often as I become more familiar with the campus and where the water fountains are located.
Here is one H*** station located at Trinity College's Buttery building
Here is one bottle filler station located at Trinity College's Buttery building
I have intuitively been able to find many of the filler-stations on campus. The gyms all have (at least) one, the large cafeteria spaces all have one, and many lobbies and libraries have one. But there are dozens on campus with more being added all the time (check out the new Bora Laskin Law library!). What that should mean is that no one should have moments of “where can I hydrate?!” anywhere on campus. I’ve dedicated this entire post to where to find water on campus, and (if you’re not already doing so) why you want to carry a water bottle with you all the time. Over the course of this year, with this very post in mind, I have tried to keep track of some of the locations where I find water on campus. Here are some locations I have stumbled upon:
PicMonkey Collage
Clockwise from the top left: in the Hallway beside Sid Cafe, in the Lobby of Trinity College, in the Lash Miller Labs ground floor hall, outside Wilson Hall's washroom, and in the lobby of Sid Smith
I try to locate the water bottle stations at all the locations where I spend most of my class time. For me, these are Victoria College campus and St. Mike's College campus. Until very recently I was unable to find the water sources. With the help of some very polite college residents, I present to you my favourite finds:
Victoria College
I was happy to find out that Victoria College has water jugs to fill up a bottle in Ned's Cafe, and in the lower level in the commuter lounge there are fountains too.
My greatest discover of the year-- stumbling upon this water-bottle filler station in the Kelly Library Cafe!
My greatest discovery of the year-- stumbling upon this hidden water bottle filler station in the Kelly Library Cafe!
Refilling a bottle at a station is not only a good way to be good to the environment (Tuesday was World Water Day!), reduce commercialization, and monitor the quality of drinking water, but drinking water sustains our lives. I have heard it said that some people don’t like the taste of drinking water. This statement thoroughly confuses me—what is tasteless about sustaining life? If you fall into this camp, there are ways to 'spice' up your water. Try carbonating it, adding fruit or flavours, or drinking caffeine-free tea! Our bodies do not provide us with the same signals for thirst as they do for hunger. We know when we feel hungry, but knowing if we are thirsty is not always as prominent a feeling. I was once told that the best measurement is to drink enough water that you never feel thirsty. For me, this looks like drinking 3-4 bottles of water each day. Water is so important to me. Reducing waste by reusing a water bottle is so important to me. I recall taking campus tours of universities across Ontario, and being unwilling to apply to a school that doesn’t have a no-water-bottle policy. water Even if you cannot locate a water bottle filler station, any café or food venue on campus can (and indeed, must) fill up your bottle for you if you request it. Cafes are also able to fill up your own mugs (with coffee/hot water), rather than hand you a paper cup. Remember to "Lug a Mug!" Pro-tip: be sure to specify that you would like room temperature or cold water in your bottle—I have made the mistake of forgetting to ask and my thermos bottle was once filled with boiling water. What do you say? Time to find a bottle? Do you know other locations on campus to find water? Let me know in the comments! Madelin

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