Five reasons to explore mentorship this week

It’s Mentorship Week at U of T! From today through to Thursday, there are events happening around campus to explore mentorship opportunities – whether you’re looking to become a mentor, find a mentor, or thank a mentor who’s supported you.

Need more convincing to come out? Here’s five reasons to take part!

1. Make friends through mentorship communities.

Mentorship programs at U of T also provide you with opportunities to meet other pairs of mentors and mentees at networking events, socials, and more. Beyond the lasting bond you’ll make with your mentor or mentee, these communities provide an added bonus to mentorship – making new friends on campus.

Mentors Daniel and Brianna sitting outside of Sid Smith.
“We’re part of the iConnect mentorship program. It’s a really loving, supportive, and welcoming community.” – Daniel, second year, Cinema Studies & Computer Science and Brianna Chan, fourth year, Life Science.

2. Get advice on the big things and the little things.

In my fourth year of university, I got a career mentor through University College who gave me a lot of valuable advice and helped me see new potential career paths that I had never previously thought of. Mentors can provide you with new perspectives on your career, your academic path, and other aspects of your life. As a mentor, you can also help your mentee navigate the little things, too – like dealing with roommate problems or figuring out how to save money on groceries. Whether its grand life choices or little pieces of advice, its really rewarding as a mentor to provide support, and its really helpful as a mentee to hear a fresh perspective.

3. Learn about becoming a mentor.

If you’ve had a mentor and benefited from the experience, or are an upper year student with advice to share, this week is a great opportunity to explore becoming a mentor on campus. Being a mentor builds your confidence and your communication skills. It’s also a heartwarming experience, and often leads to lasting friendships with your mentee and within the broader mentorship community. If you’re interested, attend the Opportunities Fair – learn more on the Student Life website.

4. Free cookies!

Stop by a #UofTMentorMoments pop up booth to show your appreciation your mentor and get a free cookie! Learn more on the Student Life site.

A pop-up booth with two Student Life staffers holding up trays of M-shaped cookies, next to sign that reads "in honor of..." with stickers with the names of mentors.
A #UofTMentorMoments booth – stop by and share why your mentor is awesome to get a cookie!

5. Share your mentor moments with your peers.

Participate in the conversation about mentorship this week online, whether by attending the #ASKmeUofT mentorship Twitter chat on February 8 from 7:00-8:00pm or by sharing your #UofTMentorMoments on social media! Show appreciation for your mentor, share a selfie at an event, or put your thoughts on mentorship out there for U of T to see.

Learn more about Mentorship Week events on campus this week on the Student Life site.

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