And we’re back! Five things you can do for a fresh start this semester

I’ve been in school for a while, but I somehow feel like I learn something new about myself every semester (besides the incredible amount of something new I learn in all my classes). I start off every semester thinking I’m a total pro at this whole business of being a student — and end it in need of copious amounts of sleep. The new semester offers a chance for a fresh start. If your last semester was tough, you have an opportunity to turn things around in this shiny new 2016 we find ourselves in! My resolutions for this semester are to plan ahead more and to kick my gym habits up a notch. Here’s a few things you can do now that we’re back to the new semester to start things off on the right note. 1. Attend the Clubs and Summer Jobs Fair (and have fun at Frost Week events)! On Tuesday, January 19, you can attend the Get Involved, Get Hired: Clubs and Summer Jobs Fair to learn about opportunities to get involved on campus and to meet potential summer employers. It’s a great two-in-one - you can find campus groups to help you build your resume (and meet new people), while also checking out potential summer employment. Don’t hesitate to get involved - studies show that students who participate in extracurricular activities do better! Plus, check out the full Frost Week lineup to attend all kinds of fun events brought to you by UTSU. Check out more information on their website:
Representatives from The Varsity at a table in Varsity dome holding copies of The Varsity newspaper and magazine at a registration table covered in newspaper issues and a laptop with an open sign-up form.
I took this picture at last year's Clubs & Summer Jobs Fair when I was running the sign-up table for The Varsity. We said the same thing to everyone that came by: it's never too late in the year to get involved!
2. Map out all your assignments and finals for the year. Download all your syllabi and mark down all the important dates in your calendar. I find it helpful to also type them all out to-do list style and check them off as they go. It helps to be able to to see everything at once so you can start planning out when you’ll do your work, too - if you see you have two essays due in one week, for example, you should make a note to yourself to start working on one of them earlier. 3. Access student services. Want to start career planning? Check out the Career Centre. Had troubles with exams last semester? The Academic Success Centre can help you develop study strategies. Seeking guidance from a senior student? Student Life can help you find a mentor. There are all kinds of services available to support you in your time at the university - now’s a perfect time to start taking advantage of them! Explore on the Student Life website. 4. Get a fresh start. If you experienced academic struggles last semester, consider registering for the Fresh Start conference - a one-day event from the Academic Success Centre to help you build resiliency and academic skills through alumni and faculty panel discussions, interactive workshops, and peer discussions. Learn more on the Academic Success Centre website. 5. Prioritize health and self-care.
A collage showing (from left top to right bottom): snacks; the moveU logo; a piece paper with "feel free to doodle" written on it and an image of a stickman running; students doing yoga; more students doing yoga; and more snacks.
Students do yoga at a MoveU study break last semester. Follow HealthyUofT on Twitter for updates on their events and ways to stay healthy on campus.
Academic success starts with health! Over my years at U of T, I’ve always felt my best when I’ve taken time to be active and eat well and get enough sleep - and worst when I’ve let those things fall to the wayside so I can live in Robarts and never see the light of day! It seems counter-intuitive to dedicate time to things that aren’t school, but staying on top of your health will help you stay on top of your classes by making you more productive, alert, and happy when you’re buckling down at the library. Learn more about how to be healthy on campus on the HealthyU Crew website. What are your resolutions for the new semester? Share them with us on twitter to @lifeatuoft!

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