Winter To-Do List: The Procrastination Edition


Guilty citizen of the ProcrastiNation right here, everybody.

I’ve got an exam tomorrow, lecture notes and several hundred pages of readings to re-revise, and definitions to repeat over and over to myself until I sound like a broken record.

And yet, at this moment, I am doing none of those things. Instead, I’m sitting here making a list.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do love my lists. I’m already anticipating the end of my last exam this week and daydreaming about all the wonderful glorious things I could do in the time I’m spending buried nose-deep in readings.

So, out of this particular procrastination episode (or ‘study break’ as I like to call them), came a very detailed to-do list about what I plan to do after my last exam is over, which, for your amusement, I'll be sharing here.


  1. Whoop. Laugh. Cry. Vindictively make confetti out of exam question paper.
  2. Clean up mess created by said ‘confetti’.
  3. Gather up all the textbooks littering bedroom, and shove them in a drawer somewhere out of sight. See you in January, Calculus II. Mwahahahaha
  4. Open up laptop and begin the oh-so-satisfying process of closing the 382626 open tabs of readings on Chrome. 
  5. Start cleaning neglected bedroom and attempt to return it to a space fit for human habitation.
  6. (Cross fingers and hope that that scarf you lost last week will appear somewhere in your cupboard flotsam.)
  7. Marvel at clean bedroom.
  8. Sit on newly made bed and catch up with friends and family back home on Skype.
  9. Make plans to visit the Toronto Christmas Market with friends!                          Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.06.55 AM
  10.  Check out the beautiful holiday lights at Bloor-Yorkville. Ooh and aah and take a billion pretty bokeh photos.
    credit: Rostislav Kralik
    credit: Rostislav Kralik
  11. Spontaneously consider signing up for the Toronto Polar Bear Dip and taking "a daring plunge in the icy waters of Lake Ontario" as your initiation into Canadian society.
  12. Come to your senses, realize that you have zero cold tolerance and that your frozen blue corpse will have to be fished out from the bottom of the lake.
  13. Opt for ice-skating at Nathan Phillips Square instead!
  14. Click attending on the Home Alone Quote-Along event. Be very excited.
    ahh, holidays. source:
    ahh, holidays.
  15. Catch up on novel reading and allllllllll your TV shows. Ten episodes later, feel a bit guilty and maybe consider doing a few course readings for next year too.
  16. Reward yourself for being mature and forward-thinking by making some Instagram-worthy hot chocolate.
  17. Take in some holiday classics (Edward Scissorhands just never gets old)
  18.  And most importantly, breathe in the crisp cool air (thank heavens for the milder winter this year), relax and enjoy yourself these holidays- you've earned it!


The same goes for everyone out there reading this! Study hard, do your best and get through those exams so you can get started on your own winter itinerary!

Now, I guess I should get back to those readings, *sigh*

Until next time, U of T,.... bon chance and happy holidays!

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