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As a student who ‘double-dips’ in both the arts and sciences here at U of T, I can tell you that sometimes a full library day is something you can’t avoid. My kitchen table is where I do the majority of my school work, but occasionally I need the focus and academic-y aesthetic a library provides. The many reasons students end up at the library vary, but I’m sure we all have one thing in common: we don’t really want to be there.
A picture of my kitchen table littered with notebooks, textbooks and my MacBook.
A typical Madeline-at-home work space.
I once made made a trip out to Queen's University to visit some friends who studied there. It was during the impromptu library tour (it didn’t take long, they only have seven) that I was told if you were going to get anything done there, you must get a desk with an outlet not for your computer charger, but for the mini kettle that would apparently provide enough sustenance to read for hours on end with instant coffee and Mr. Noodles. And while I have never seen a person with a kettle at Robarts, I still think of this every time I pack up my bag for a full day of studying. On a positive note, a library day is about a million times better than an all-nighter, and although the thought of a whole day which, let’s be real, most definitely falls on a Sunday cooped up inside a library is daunting, it can be (almost) enjoyable if you bring the correct supplies. If you should attempt a full library day, please bring the following:
  1. A water bottle. Think of it as an intellectual marathon; if you want to avoid a reading headache, you need to keep hydrated! (I’m giving you all my secrets here, but if you want to save on the S’bucks; “Fuze Green Tea Water Enhancer Drops” taste exactly like the lime refreshers.)
    A photo of Fuze, Green tea with mango water enhancer.
    BEHOLD: the secret to a DIY Cool Lime Starbucks Refesher (or a drink that tastes very similar!!) <3
  2. Snacks. And maybe more than one. This summer I bought myself a little lunch-kit that I bring to school when I know I am going to have a loooong day. (loooong; > adj. eating two or more major meals at school) Bringing food from home or your res mini-fridge goes a long way when you’re on a budget. My favourite foods to bring are raspberries, lemon greek yogurt, almonds or granola bars. Plus, this way you don’t have give up a good window seat. For those of you who study on the uppermost floors of Robarts, you know exactly what I mean. #ViewsOfThe6ix
  3. Earphones. Because nobody appreciates the soothing sound of death metal while doing problem sets like you do. Nobody.
  4. A sweater. Being stuck in a cold air draft can and will ruin your study-mojo. Lucky for us blanket scarves are totally in style this season which basically makes it socially acceptable to wear a blanket to school. If you're at Robarts, you can definitely get away with bringing a legitimate blanket in fact, I urge you to do this.
    Video of a cat dragging a very long blanket.
    I mean, like just in case you want to nap...
  5. Gum. I have either gum or mints in my bag at all times. For me, it can sometimes be the difference between having focus or none at all. (Plus they’re tasty). If you're not into gum, bringing a little sweet treat can give you a nice reward mid-day to keep you on the right track!
    Madeline holding up a pack of gum and a tin of mints giving a thumbs up.
    These were found in my backpack! And typical me: I had another pack of gum in my purse.
Friendly disclaimer: Studies have shown that studying in short concentrated bursts throughout your week is much more productive than studying in one long session. Do you have anything you never leave the house without on a study day? I want to hear it! Comment below or share your library necessities on twitter with the hashtag #UofTStudySupplies

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