Experiencing Technical Difficulties

A close-up view of a Mac laptop keyboard
My new Macbook Pro! (Photo by Zachary Biech)
Ok, so January has been a bit ridiculous here in Zachland. Full-year courses sometimes have midterms in January so stay on your toes! Extra-curricular activities heat up very quickly after the holiday too. And don’t forget about the unforeseen problems waiting to happen… Now we get to the fun part of this week’s post!   -Zach is sorry, he is experiencing some technical difficulties, please try again later-   “Oh no! Just when this post was about to get interesting!” Technical difficulties=the story of my life.  They remind me how lucky I am to have FNH as a technical support. They only had wall plugins for Internet in my residence way back in my first year. But then I went for the winter holiday, and when I came back they had upgraded the entire university. Should’ve been good for everybody right? Not me, I needed to go through some ridiculous process when they didn’t activate my password properly. I should’ve known it was only downhill from there…
A close-up of the WiFi wave symbols on a computer screen, telling me I am properly connected for once
WiFi, lifeblood of university activities (Photo by Zachary Biech)
Since then I have trashed two iPhones, (I dropped one onto a concrete floor and subsequently dropped it straight into a cup of coffee). I should’ve been proud of the accuracy with which the phone landed in the coffee, if I hadn’t wrecked the phone in the process! The next one I wrecked had narrowly escaped being drenched in rain when only ten minutes later I drenched it in Coke Zero. Oops.
A black iPhone 4, sitting precariously close to a mug of coffee
This is one of my old iPhones, now heavily caffeinated (Photo by Zachary Biech)
My Xbox also broke last year. I guess I overheated it by leaving it on for two months straight. Again, oops. Don’t even get me started about Rogers. I’m from Alberta, a far away land where we don’t have to put up with that outfit. In my Toronto apartment I pay increasingly large bills for Internet that cuts out randomly during the day and particularly when I need to submit essays online for big deadlines. My printer also has this nasty habit of running out of toner right when I need to print essays for classes that don’t take electronic hand-ins. I still need to get the driver software for my printer on my new laptop. If my desktop crashed right now (which it has done multiple times when I was working on unsaved essay documents, or course), I couldn’t print to save my life. But I’m lucky I can go to First Nations House if there’s an emergency and use their computer lab to save the day!
A close up of a digital screen on my printer telling me I need to go spend more money on their ink cartridges
Toner Low??? But I just refilled it!! (Photo by Zachary Biech)
A view over a photocopier, looking towards a row of computers with a large colourful mural in Native styling as the background
I am very thankful for the FNH Lab! (Photo by Zachary Biech)
I also highly recommend setting up a Dropbox account and getting an external hard-drive for backing up your work, just in case your home gets destroyed by a tornado or something ridiculous like that. Best to have your digital life backed up, schoolwork included. Anything can happen!   -Zach is sorry, this file is not supported on your system-   “Ok Zach, enough with the jokes, just stick to blogging.” Alright, but the last time I uploaded a post, I had to wait three hours because the Student Life website was experiencing technical difficulties. And that, my friends, is no joke.

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