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Every year, Victoria College transforms into a book-lovers paradise and there are couple of reasons why U of T students should be first in line at the Vic Book Sale. First, its extensive collection will cover over 30 categories this year, ranging from Anthropology to Women’s Studies. Maybe more importantly, the prices are totally student friendly.
Victoria College Book Sale
Books upon books upon books
Lucky for us, the Vic Book Sale is one of four that the U of T campus will host this year: Victoria College, University College, Trinity College, and St. Michael’s College will all put on their annual book sales throughout September and October. All four sales are immensely popular on campus and are great opportunities to find some hidden gems or to fill out your course reading lists. Picking up course texts can be pretty expensive, particularly in programs that require multiple specialized textbooks. If you can afford to look at previous editions, students often find that the Law, Mathematics, Political Science, and Economics sections are great for netting textbooks at a fraction of their original price while the literature tables usually contain Oxford or Penguin editions of classic texts for around $4.
Bookworms rejoice!
Bookworms rejoice!
The entrance fee for members of the public is $3 but entry is absolutely free for students! Here’s a somewhat secret tip: some of the sales have great rewards (i.e. free books!) for student volunteers so keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities. Click here for more information about on-going and upcoming campus book sales, including locations, payment information, and content. Victoria College: September 18 – 23 University College: October 17 – 21 Trinity College: October 23 – 27 St Michael’s College: October 28 – November 1

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