Nuit Blanche (or “White Night” for all you hipsters)

Nuit Blanche (or “White Night” for all you hipsters)

Every October, Nuit Blanche tends to do a really good job advertising on subways and street corners, enough so that every year hordes of people come out to cover the streets in crazy crowds filled with “art-goers” looking for the neatest art exhibits. This year was no exception, from College Street all the way down to King most streets in the central Toronto downtown core were packed! But how did this year’s festival measure up to past year?

There was no shortage of odd exhibits this year. From giant balloon spiders to cars driving themselves in pre-sequenced patterns, there was something for everyone. It was definitely an interesting night. Personally though, I found this years Nuit Blanche to have less exhibits and be more condensed. Now generally one would think this is a good thing but my friends and I found ourselves done with the nights activities by only about 2:30am (which sounds late but for Nuit that’s a pretty early time).

See what I mean GIANT SPIDER!
See what I mean GIANT SPIDER!

Now I don’t know about you but my favorite part of Nuit Blanche is doing the city wide trek from one side of the city to the other.  This year, however, I found it to be far too closed in, with everyone being way too crowded into a small area. Without trying to sound too cliché, I would sum up Nuit Blanche as being more about the journey of walking around the city in the wee hours of the night with friends almost more than it is about seeing the exhibits themselves (but hey that’s just me).

This year my other favorite part was simply the comments I overheard among the general public. Things such as:

– “IS this the line for the paper hats!….. I JUST WANT A PAPER HAT”

– In response to large crowded area “IS THERE ART HAPPENING UP AHEAD?!?!


My little friend Sammy managed to find a huge paper Maché head. Definitely suited her
My little friend Sammy managed to find a huge paper Maché head. Definitely suited her

I’ve got to tell you though, one thing Nuit Blanche never fails to provide are deep fried, gravy smothered, sugar coated munchies the entire way down. It’s like they hide these special food trucks in some warehouse all year and then release their fatty goodness on us during Nuit Blanche (Tip: Do not have more than $20 cash on you for the night, all cash will be spent on churros/Potato Tornadoes, or things that just light up)

So yep, that was my Nuit Blanche. It was on a smaller scale this year but overall still fun, filled with lots of food, inebriated high schoolers, and just wacky people in general, never a dull moment. So how was your Nuit Blanche?


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